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San Francisco State University is a publicly funded and operated university that is located in San Francisco, California. According to U.S. News & World Report, San Francisco State University consistently ranks among the top 50 master’s level universities in the western United States. There are over 100 majors, minors, and concentrations to choose from that span undergraduate and graduate studies.

San Francisco State University doesn’t explicitly feature distance learning programs leading to a degree, although, there is a large selection of courses that a student can take online. It is possible that a good grouping of these courses could cover the requirements for a major at some degree level. Thusly, San Francisco State can be considered to have one great distance learning program.

Classes span a wide variety of topics making many different majors that much more flexible with online alternatives. When speaking of “alternative”, one should not expect a compromise, or different experience. Even as a large college with many responsibilities to uphold, San Francisco state upholds the quality of online courses to a level that matches an on campus experience.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Biostatistics for Non-Statisticians, Introduction to Regulatory Affairs, Overview of Drug/Biologic Development, Computer Fundamentals for Teachers, Talented & Gifted Children in Schools, Learning Disabilities in Schools, and Project Communications Management Online. Although there are no distance learning degree programs, there are several subsequent certificate programs available for the taking.

Certificates include Academic Credit Certificates, which are among Dietetics, Digital Animation, Paralegal Studies, and Music/Recording Industry, just to list a few. There are also Professional Development Certificates in fields like the Executive Certificate in Financial Planning, Social Media Marketing, E-Learning Development, Integrated Marketing, and many more. As for degrees, it seems as though many of the graduate degree programs have online course alternatives to attending campus. It is possible that some graduate degrees in Education can be completed over the net.

San Francisco State University makes no distinction between credits earned online and credits earned on-campus. If a student that is not a resident of the state enrolls at San Francisco State, he/she would have to pay just $10,170 per year for a full-time education. This rate is the same rate that an out-of-state graduate student would have to pay for a full-time education spanning a year. In either case, a credit hour costs $339. For students enrolling from inside California pay a flat rate per year regardless of the amount of credit hours taken. For undergraduate students, that fee is $3,762. For graduate students, that fee is $4,470.

As the state university demands very little for tuition, most students don’t need very much financial aid to finance their education. Nevertheless, the university offers 28% of its students a direct grant for the purpose of covering tuition costs. This grant, per person, averages $3,268.

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