San Joaquin College of Law Distance Learning

San Joaquin College of Law is a privately operated, not-for-profit school of law that is located in Clovis, California. San Joaquin College of Law was founded as a response to the lack of accredited legal education that existed in the area circa the 1960’s. A congregation of judges and attorneys gathered to remedy the lack of opportunity for capable individuals that wanted to enter the field of legal work. Today, San Joaquin College of Law with the highest rate of success among any law school within a 120 mile radius.

San Joaquin comes at a flat rate cost of $800 per unit. A unit is, for all intents and purposes, a credit hour in SJCL terms. 86 units are required to complete their law program. There is no flat rate for full-time enrollment, only the simple per-credit-hour tuition model with some attached fees of negligible amount.

Currently, San Joaquin College of Law is not open to distance learners. The program in law will have to be completed by attending campus. Many colleges, institutes, and universities of law have opened successful and high quality distance education programs, and San Joaquin College of Law will most likely follow suit in the near future.

At San Joaquin, the study of law is viewed as an intensive and challenging endeavor that rewards a student with applicable education and professional conviction. Class sizes are kept small in order to create a more focused and individualized environment for students to grow in. Law students are taught to compete against themselves and the high standards set by legal professions, and not against other students.

Students in the general law program learn about the legal system, litigation in many contexts, and a set of practical lawyering skills, all ending in the conferral of a Juris Doctor. Faculty at San Joaquin is a group of professionals and legal practitioners, most of them holding terminal degrees. In this model, students receive top quality education that can be used in a variety of legal operations.

San Joaquin College of Law makes available all information and available resources for financial aid. Federal loans are a major contributor of funds to students around the country and are available to take advantage of for undergraduate and graduate purposes. The college itself awards scholarships and the information regarding application for these scholarships is sent to all students each year.

Federal work-study programs are administered on a limited basis. These opportunities provide employment on a need basis to students that want to work in order to pay off the cost of their education. Then, of course, there is FAFSA, which will assist all applicants with grants at least to some degree. Being that the college is one of law, staff have also made it possible for tax credits to be administered to students for their studies.

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