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San Jose State University is a public university that is located in San Jose, California. SJSU plays a big part in powering California’s infamous Silicon Valley with hundreds of Computer Science, Information Systems, and Computer Engineering majors graduating from the university each year. There are over 134 degrees available, between masters and bachelors degrees with 110 different concentrations.

San Jose State University is offering an online Master of Library & Information Science degree 100% online. This program spans 43 units and can be completed over the course of approximately 15 online classes. As a master’s level track, the university forewarns that these courses will take time and are difficult. It is recommended that one be conservative in the number of classes one takes each semester.

The Master of Library & Information Science provides a general graduate-level framework, upon which a student can build for a certain specialization. Some specializations offered are Academic Libraries, Management, Public Libraries, Youth Librarianship, Reference Services & Instruction, and Digital Services/Emerging Technologies. Any of these specializations are considered concentrations, but in the context of a degree are otherwise minors.

San Jose State University offers different pricing for students that originate from inside the state versus those from outside of the state. Students who are inside the state pay a flat subsidized rate per year of study regardless of how many classes they are taking per semester. This can be thought of as one giant admissions fee. For undergraduates, that fee is $3,992. For graduate students, that fee is $4,700.

Out-of-state students however will pay $10,170 per year for full-time study. This applies to both graduates and undergraduates. The part-time rate of $339 per credit hour is mutually applicable as well. The aforementioned “admissions” fee applies to out-of-state students in addition to their full-time/part-time rates.

There are individual online courses available, but these are from the School of Library & Information Science. Classes taken from the School of Library & Information Science may as well be put towards the master’s degree program in Library & Information Science. There currently is no other online class offering for any other majors, although there will certainly be an expansion upon this soon.

Students at San Jose receive financial contributions from a variety of sources, chiefly federal grants. The largest portion of financial aid recipients at San Jose State University, 27%, receives their aid at an average of $3,690 per student. The university itself has its share of scholarships, academic awards, and need-based financial assistance programs. Contributions from these sources total $2,927 per student on average for 26% of the student body. State and local aid sources reach the same percentage with lesser amounts of financial aid. This leaves just 24% of the student body to take out loans, and in amounts that never have to exceed $5,000.

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