Santa Clara University Distance Learning

Santa Clara University is a university based in Jesuit Catholic tradition and that is located in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara operates in accordance with the Society of Jesus, the organization that founded the university. The university is also accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The university’s basing in Jesuit tradition means that education is not merely a journey to increase one’s knowledge, but their competence, their conscience, and their compassion to others and the human condition. Students can earn degrees in virtually any subject and at any level of study. This means a Master of Science in Psychology, a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Business Administration, etc.

As Santa Clara is careful about the educational experience it imparts, it has not yet arrived at the prospect of distance learning. There are Jesuit universities, among the few, that have featured distance education successfully and fully in accordance with the traditions and values that the community upholds. Perhaps Santa Clara University is taking its time in administering a program that will deliver the utmost quality online.

One crucial element of a Jesuit education is academic excellence. Distinguished students, which are many, can join the Honors Program. Honors program courses are particularly small, giving students a more Socratic, academically involved environment in which to pursue their studies. Students also have access to exclusive laboratories, featured seminars, and gain a broad intellectual exposure to classical texts and a cosmopolitan array of philosophies. Best of all, virtually any major can be pursued in this program.

At the undergraduate level, students can take shape and find their way into majors like Ancient Studies, Communications, Computer Science, and Art History. Majors, far and wide, range from the Arts, to the Sciences, through the Humanities, to Languages, and beyond. Then, if they decide to attend grad school, the university offers yet another staggering array of graduate studies to engage in.

Graduate programs are offered through the Leavey School of Business, School of Engineering, School of Education & Counseling Psychology, School of Law, and the Jesuit School of Theology. There are even unique dual degree programs spawning a whole new combination of possibilities in addition, like a J.D./M.S.I.S. dual degree. Many students earn their doctorate in a major field of study while including peripheral studies resulting in an additional master’s.

Being a Jesuit university, Santa Clara represents only the finest in education and the prices match. An average full-time undergraduate student will pay $34,950 per year. Thankfully the university lends many of its financial resources to its students to help combat this premium cost. 72% of students attending the university, between undergraduates and graduates, receive grants from the university itself. The average amount received is $12,942, bringing net annual tuition down into the low $20,000’s. Furthermore, federal grants and state grants are given to students that are eligible and help to further reduce the cost.

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