Savannah State University Distance Learning

Savannah State University is a four-year, publicly supported university that is historically African-American and located in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah State University features online learning in a format that can adapt to anybody’s busy schedule. Beyond that, is quality education at an affordable rate for a variety of studies.

Savannah State University is unique in its approach to distance learning. Courses can be conducted using standard, popular online resources, like Blackboard, sure. Courses can also be sent over the net with videoconferencing technology to bring the classroom right to the student’s desktop. How this is administered is somewhat flexible and, thus, the college doesn’t publish a list of online courses. Rather, it arranges its programs based on collective interest and conducts online learning where it is needed.

Technically, this means that any course offered on campus can be offered online, although not every course can be covered necessarily. Instead, a student can take most of their education off of campus, if not all. More information can be obtained by contacting Savannah State coordinating staff directly.

Studies are conducted mostly at an undergraduate level, with students earning their bachelor’s degrees in fields ranging from Military Science to Music. There are also master’s-level programs offered in extension to certain majors. Students can earn a Master of Science in Marine Sciences, a Master of Social Work, a Master of Public Administration, and, soon, they will be able to earn a Master of Business Administration.

Financial aid is plentiful and is offered openly to qualifying students. FAFSA is universally offered to help with tuition costs and 61% of the student body, on average, takes advantage of this non-repayable resource. The state of Georgia offers various financial programs to aid students with their studies; 83% of students at Savannah State are receiving financial aid from this source. This may not be applicable to non-resident distance learners, although, as a part of the university, it may.

A prominent feature of Savannah State is that each student is treated like family. Instead of putting everybody’s nose to the grindstone to relentlessly keep up with heightened standards, the university caters to each student’s learning style and lets them create their own path. This has led to high amounts of success, spawning the motto: “You can get anywhere from here”. Students from less fortunate neighborhoods have come to learn and earned rewarding jobs and salaries.

If you are a distance learner, you are most likely not a resident of Georgia. Non-residents pay the affordable rate of $10,823 per year for full-time study. That rate is for undergraduate study. If you are enrolling in a graduate program, you will pay $12,904 per year for full-time study. For undergraduates, part-time study is calculated at $478 per credit hour or, for graduates, part-time study is calculated at $538 per credit hour. Once again, these rates apply to non-residents. Residents of Georgia benefit from highly reduced rates.

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