Saving Money: Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Unfortunately, most people don’t take care of their clothes – which makes it harder to make them last and makes it harder for them to save money. Now, we all know that on a college student’s budget – you can’t really afford to keep buying new clothes. Of course you can save a little bit by going to thrift stores, but after time, that money starts to add up. Here’s how to really take care of your clothes, so you have money for more important things like gas and food… and late night fiascos that you will probably regret.

A prime example of what not to do with your clothes. (photo by i am a real estate photographer)

A prime example of what not to do with your clothes. (photo by i am a real estate photographer)

#1. Don’t Overwear Your Clothes

Of course, if you don’t wear your cheap clothes every other day, it’s going to last longer. That’s common sense. But you may not have many clothes to begin with – so…

#2. Actually Read the Clothing Labels to See How to Care for Them

Primer magazine has a great photo to help you understand what the symbols on your clothing tags mean. Machine washing pictures generally look like trash cans, filled with water. Bleach is expressed by means of triangles. Dryers are depicted by squares with circles inside of them. To dry is simply symbolized by solo squares. To iron is, well, depicted by a symbol that looks like an iron. And to dry clean is expressed by single circles. To view that picture, because they can explain it in their chart far better than I can with my words, click here.

#3. Your Jeans Weren’t Meant to Be Washed Every Single Time

Not only does it take away the blue dye from your jeans (provided that your jeans are blue) – but it also ruins your jeans in shape and how long they will last without getting holes or frankly, just being worn down. If your jeans lose shape and feel lose from all of the wearing between washes – then throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. If you’re worried that they smell, throw them in the dryer with a few scented dryer sheets – they’ll be good as new! You can typically wear your jeans two or three times before they need washing.

#4. Hang Dry Your Clothes

It may not be the most timely way to take care of your clothes – but using your dryer will actually wear your clothes down far faster than hanging them will. Consider your dryer’s lint collection – that’s the fabric getting worn and collecting itself for you. I always hang-dry my bras so that the wires don’t pop out – but it’s a smart idea to do the same with your cotton-based apparel, so you can ensure that they don’t shrink on you.

#5. Button Your Buttons and Zip Up Your Zippers

It sounds like a tedious task, but doing both of these things can save your other clothes from being snagged – and may even prevent your buttons from being ripped off.

In any case, I hope these tips help you to save some money by making your clothes last longer. In any case, there’s always your local thrift store.

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