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Saybrook University is an institution of higher learning focused in Humanistic studies and is located in San Francisco. Saybrook is global in its outlook and in its physical presence. Faculty and programs reach to and from around the world to integrate citizens of this Earth under the common guise of human study and ecology. Learning at Saybrook is about working together, for civilization would not exist without collaboration.

Saybrook University does offer distance learning and on a regular basis, but this is usually used within the context of hybridized study. This means that students combine face to face meetings with online study and coursework, allowing students to spend more physical time in communicating ideas and gathering their intellects in discussion. It is possible to engage in 100% distance learning, however, this is most likely only a possibility in a limited range of subjects.

Saybrook University is the flag under which three separate colleges fly. Each college has their own individual features and directs their specific area of teaching. The Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies, for example, offers online courses. Some online course titles include the Evolving Professional, Psychopathology, Multiculturalism for Clinical Psychologists, Psychopharmacology, Ethics in Psychotherapy & Clinical Research, Cognitive Assessment, and there are many more to select from.

The College of Mind-Body Medicine offers study in more holistic applications. Here students focus on medicine, alternative therapy, physical therapy, health & wellness, and many other topics that culminate into a singular, greater understanding. This college does not offer courses online. The same can be said of the Leadership Institute of Seattle Graduate College.

Saybrook University is exclusively for graduate study, and offers education at a surprisingly affordable price. A graduate student, for full-time study, will pay $18,900 per year. Part-time study will cost a graduate student $1,000 per credit hour, with the full-time cutoff starting at 12 credit hours per semester.

The fundamental belief at Saybrook University is that consciousness (loosely defined) is a work in progress for which both the individual and society takes responsibility. All faculty members at Saybrook University have achieved their doctorate degrees, some featuring two, many having obtained their degrees from leading institutions of research. Students at Saybrook learn from, simply put, some of the best teachers and professors out there. All of this is incorporated into a multi-disciplinary approach that is leads to deeper, greater understanding.

Saybrook University offers many different forms of financial aid, but primarily through scholarships that are based from academic merit. Many alumni have contributed to the university’s pool of finances, enabling it to offer students financial assistance regularly. As a small university, admissions are handled on an individual basis. This allows students to be evaluated more personally on the basis of financing. Usually, students that have achieved a four-year degree have already obtained adequate employment, although, this is not the case for everybody and, as a global university, Saybrook seeks to help all who come to learn.

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  1. James Andershon says:

    One of the great benefits of being part of Princely International University is that through your distance learning study, you will be supported by a continuous education expert team that is dedicated to helping working adults, from all ages, in their distance education to meet professional goals.

    We all have preconceived notions and myths closing the doors to future opportunities of success, still distance learning is a key to be on that road to success.
    Some find it hard to believe that a perfectly valid degree can be legitimately earned via distance learning and yet, it is possible. In fact, most companies & corporations today highly consider employees showing the willpower, responsibility & motivation for self-improvement through distance learning continuing education.

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