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With two hundred and eighty courses offered, Saylor offers to give students leeway for growth and creativity through free educational lessons available at any time of day that one would be interested in studying at. In fact, thirty-two of those courses are available on your iPad through Itunes University! With the mobility that Saylor offers, coupled with their extensive subject material, what’s not to love? The courses are also self-paced, making the learning experience the least strenuous and the most effective.

On Saylor's ePortfolio, one is able to print out certifications of the courses completed. (photo by

On Saylor’s ePortfolio, one is able to print out certifications of the courses completed. (photo by

The foundation started with a dream – a dream that education would be free and available to the masses. Saylor has done that and much more! The company is a 501c3, meaning a non-profit company. One can assume that the foundation is pure in interest because of it’s non-profit standards. In fact, Saylor does not even have an admissions office – meaning, they are not even able to tell how many people are using their website and learning from the material they have presented to the world! Their humble disposition sets them apart from other “free education” sites by far! Nothing is up their sleeves and you are aware of the fact.

The best thing about Saylor that I have found off of their “About Us” page is the fact that after you have completed the courses, you will be able to download a transcript and certificates of completion. Although you can’t receive a degree from completion of these courses, you can however, gain a head-start in your undergraduate educational endeavors.

As of current, the company is seeking to make strides towards something called “Student Credit Pathways.” What these are, as depicted here, are ways to link the certifications to credits at colleges. As of current, the only two links listed on the Student Credit Pathways page are the National College Credit Recommendation Service and Excelsior College.

Michael Saylor, the creator of the company, has been said to have been, “…fomenting a quiet revolution in higher education…” as according to forbes. The article even reviews Saylor as an awesome, incomparable educational tool that is free on the internet. The quote goes as follows:

“But after visiting Saylor yesterday, I think the work going on in a little office building in Georgetown, D.C., may be as important as, say, the work that went on in Steve Jobs’ garage a few decades ago.”

Being a bit of an economist, Michael Saylor is able to conclude that free education is going to be what saves the masses who would otherwise not have a chance to develop and grow. He claims in the article by newrepublic, that technology will take away the jobs but provide information to the masses. As I quoted from Walter Cronkite in the article, Thought-Provoking Educational Quotes, “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

With all being said, I can say that I, myself, will be taking a few courses on Saylor. Out of all of the reviews on educational websites I have done so far, this one has been the most intriguing to me.

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  1. Marina Gallas says:

    i wonder if help from live people would also be available if i need additional help or have questions if i get stuck on something in my chosen courses. I’m not sure of my ability to change hats from student to self teacher

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