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Schiller International University is a privately operated university with campuses in London, Paris, Madrid, Heidelberg, and Largo. Not only does the university bring its opportunities to areas all over the world, but through distance learning, students from anywhere can earn their degree online. The university focuses mainly on business, but also offers degrees in different areas of study.

Students can earn Associate, Bachelor, and Masters degrees in various studies. At the undergraduate level, there are associate degrees in General Studies, Medical Assistant, Criminal Justice, International Hospitality & Tourism, and a few other areas. Bachelors degrees are available in International Business, International Economics, International Hospitality & Tourism, International Relations & Diplomacy, and Interdisciplinary Studies, where the student can select his/her own course of blended study.

At the graduate level, the most popularly sought after degree is the Master of Business Administration. The benefits of having an international degree are becoming increasingly important, especially in a globalized economy where businesses are venturing into foreign markets. Students earning their degree online from this university are in demand.

A master’s degree is also available in International Business, a formidable alternative to the traditional MBA, with emphasis on international relations, trade, culture, and economics combined into one. Master’s degrees can also be earned in International Hospitality & Tourism, Management of Information Technology, Financial Planning, International Management, and International Relations & Diplomacy.

American students of Schiller International University have access to financial aid that originates from federal sources or privately funded sources. Funding from the U.S. Department of Education provides the majority of financial aid to all college students. Thereby, students can receive, at the very least, some form of funding to aid with their studies.

40% of all students at Schiller International University receive federal aid and usually in the form of a grant. The university itself provides a small portion of its students with scholarships and academic awards, even on a need-basis in a global philanthropic effort to make education accessible to all people of Earth. Some students partake in student loans but, fortunately, this is a minority percentage.

The Master of Business Administration program deserves particular emphasis because it is the most prominent track of education, being a business-focused college. Coursework focuses on managerial aspects of accounting, finance, management, and marketing and even delves into case studies. From there a student can opt to specialize in areas like International Business, and Management of Information Technology.

For full-time study, an undergraduate student will pay the sticker price of $20,600 per year. This is before financial aid deductions. A graduate student will experience a slight price increase to $22,500 per year. For either level of study, a credit hour costs $500. Cost will also vary by program. The Master of Business Administration usually spans the course of 36 credit hours, but will take additional study if the student decides to specialize.

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