Distance Learning Scholarships

Thousands of scholarships are potentially available for distance learning students. Some scholarships offer one time payments, while others offer payments every semester for eligible students. Privately funded and publicly funded distance learning scholarships can be earned based on a variety of criteria.

Some of the most common factors that scholarship committees consider are: grade point average (GPA), high school reputation, class ranking, advanced placement exam scores, SAT/ACT scores, race, gender, volunteering, hobbies, sports, clubs, essays, family income level, academic awards, and other achievements.

Scholarships that at least partially depend on your family’s income level are called need-based scholarships. Distance learning scholarships that do not consider your current financial status are called merit-based scholarships. Many government-funded scholarships take into account financial need, so even though a student has a great resume, he or she may not be able to win many of these publicly funded scholarships.

Many schools offer their own privately funded scholarships and grants – you just have to contact the schools to find out. Fill out our site’s free degree search form to request scholarship information from accredited distance learning universities.

55 comments on “Distance Learning Scholarships
  1. Melkamu Bersissa says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I worked for 13 years in colleges and NGOs on humanitarian affairs(child sponsorship). Now, I am searching for free distance/online education opportunity to study MA, Masters in Development studies. Would you help me, please???????

  2. JULIET SHAMU says:

    I am a Zimbabwean looking forward get a scholarship to study for a degree in Accounting and i am currently facing financial challenges . May you please help me to obtain a scholarship to study on line with university of South Africa.

    Thank you

  3. Ranjit says:

    I am seeking a scholarship to follow a llM in Sports law. Guide me Please. Ranjit

  4. David Menyani Zulu says:

    I am in need of a scholarship in human resource management to upgrade my knowledge and skills to help me provide leadership and direction for the work here in In Zambia. I work in Ministry of Health as Human resource Management officer.

  5. LOUISA AKADO says:

    Please will like to study Masters in Environmental Management by distance and am looking for sponsorship.Thank you and hope will get a help from you.

  6. Gebrekiros says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I want to study MA, Masters in Development studies so could you please respond me?

  7. Sabriino Clair says:

    I am from Mauritius and I would like to get a distance learning scholarship in MSc Agricultural Economics.

    Thank you very much in advance

  8. Wellings Mwambongo says:

    I am a Malawian by nationality. I am looking for sponsorship so that I study MSc in Environmental Management through Distance Learning.

  9. Joseph Kawele says:

    I am a Zambian that has applied to the AIU to study online or distance Bachelor’s degree in Theology and is applying for a scholarship.
    Thank you.

  10. patricia says:

    Am a nigerian, I have a bachelor in nursing science and wish to do an online master’s program in public health through distance learning program or any other means. However I need scholarship to be able to achieve this, pls help

  11. yisa caleb says:

    Sir/Madam, Please kindly assist me with information that can help me secure for funds to continue my MBA studies via distance learning. My please contact me immediately via yisa.caleb@gmail.com for further inquiries and as soon as you have any useful information

  12. Hirkeno says:

    Iam based in Kenya,Looking for scholarship to study masters in the field of natural resource management.

  13. Harry H. Mandimika says:

    I am aZimbabwean looking for distance learning scholarship to study for MSc. in E conomics

  14. Ezekiel Hamid says:

    Grateful for the very useful pieces of information you provide to scholars out there. Well, I am a Ghanaian teacher/development worker with an MPhil in Development Studies.I avidly need a scholarship to pursue an online PhD in International Development studies to enable me lecture in any Ghanaian University and contribute to the development of mother Ghana.Any organization, donor, foundation, firm or Institution to come to the rescue? Thanks in advance.

  15. Nkamedjie patrick says:

    Hello everybody,
    My names are Nkamedjie patrick. I’m currently terminating my masters in epidemiology and public health in Cameroon. I wish to get a distance learning scholarship in management of human resources applied to the health sector; public health policy or even health economics.
    Please contact me through patricknkamedjie@yahoo.com if you have any news.
    Thank you.

  16. Gilbert Chidzewere says:

    I am looking for full scholarship to fund for my BA (Hons) Accounting Degree at University College Marjon UK. This is an online degree program. i am starting in July 2013 if i get the sponsor. EMail ***@gmail.com. i have an offer letter for the said Program

  17. Odole Samson says:

    Sir/Ma, I got an unconditional offer to study Msc in poverty reduction: policy and practice in UK university via distance leaning. Please can you send to me any relevant scholarship information that will enable me to pay for my school fees. Thanks.

  18. Odole Samson says:

    Sir/Ma, I need a distance leaning scholarship to study MSc in Economics. I have B.sc in Economics. Please send to me relevant information.

  19. Romeo says:

    I am from the Philippines. Do you accept Filipino students?

  20. Julius Jonathan says:

    I am a Tanzanian boy aged 26 years old am looking for any person/Institute/Firm/University that can give sponsorship to study Bachelor degree of Information Technology through Distance Learning

  21. PHIRI SARAH says:

    Am a zambian citizen looking for a scholarship in creative/ Design. I really need your help.

  22. Daniel Michael Wajebo says:

    I am Daniel Michael & I am Ethiopian. I want to learn looking free distance learning of PhD, business Administration.
    thanks a lot in advance for your going to be given opportunity and wonderful cooperation for assisting me.

  23. saed says:

    l am somalian l am looking free distance learning of intrenation relashinships‏ ‏l hope to accept me thanks

  24. Joseph says:

    I am Joseph Kwaramba(Zimbabwean) and i get a place to study for a first degree but i can’t get a scholarship. i can’t raise the required amount of money. what can i do.
    Please help me

  25. Fanta Morgan says:

    I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality and I’m seeking sponsorship to pursue MBA course through distance learning program. I already have Diploma and BA Honours in Library and Information Science.

    Thanking you in advance.

  26. Tahir Syed says:

    I want to get Postgraduate Diploma in Burn Care. This is two years part time distance learning course offered by Barts & The London Bizard Institute of Cell & Molecular Biology U.K. How can i get it sponsored or get grant.

  27. Eng. Solomon Tessema says:

    Hi There !!!
    I am an Ethiopian Working as an Information Technology Consultant in Addis.
    I have got an MSc. degrees in Computer Science.
    I am acceptedat WIU for my Phd Studies.
    I need funding for my Phd. I would appreciate if you could forward me any relevant information.
    Merci d’Avance

  28. james k chemweno says:


  29. Benard kombe says:

    I am tanzanian looking for scholarship to earn degree environment conservation via distancelearning

  30. goodson says:

    I am a malawian looking for scholarship to study for Bacholars degree in education -q maths & physics

  31. James Kesselly says:

    I am in need of a scholarship to Business Administration with major in human resource management to upgrade my knowledge and skills to help me provide leadership and direction for the work here in Liberia

  32. Shaibu Babatunde saheed says:

    I need ur assistance to study Bsc Economic,through distance learning. I am HND in Forestry technology holder.

  33. ehi brown o says:

    dear sir,i am looking for distance learning scholarships to study msc in project management or engineering management.

  34. Henry Mwangi says:

    Iam a Kenyan desirous of a scholarship in Msc in an Agricultural science preferably Msc Agricultural Economics.

  35. molefi says:


  36. Mohamrd Rahim Nyallay says:

    I’m a Sierra Leonean looking for sponsorship to study MSc Public Health on distance learning


    I’m Nigerian looking for sponsorship to study Geo-infomatics from distance learning

  38. Bigani Kelapile says:

    from Botswana, need schorlaship for MA/Msc Economics or Business

  39. edgar lumbwe says:

    i need scholarship for distance education. am based in zambia

  40. Glory k says:

    Impressed by the schorships offered to distance learning students.am a nigerian and i need a schorship to pursue my dreams in physiotherapy(B.sc).thanks

  41. Moses .K says:

    I have been offered a vancacy to do a Masters in health promotion and health provsion by distance learning. But i lack funds. Please help acess a scholarship. (Uganda)

  42. M.H.Reshma says:

    please send me website or address for msc distance schlorships

  43. M.H.Reshma says:

    i need scholarships for distance education

  44. Vincent Kipkoech says:

    I am from Kenya and I need a distant learning scholaship to do MBA . Please assist

  45. Omotayo Tola says:

    Please am a Nigerian and I need financial aids to study MSc-Strategic Management either online or campus. Kindly assist

  46. George Danquah Damptey says:

    I am from Ghana and I need a scholarship to do MSc. in Clinical research.Please help me to to be offered the scholarship which will go a long way to help my country Ghana.
    Thank you in advanced.

  47. Doris says:

    I am from Tanzania and I want to study MBA, Masters in Finance so could you please respond me?

  48. Desalegn worku says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I want to study MBA, Masters in Development so could you please respond me?

  49. Buba Camara says:

    I live and work in the Gambia. I am looking for financial support to pursue BA in project administration.

  50. Benard O. Oguna says:

    I live and work in Kenya. I am looking for assistance to study for a masters degree ( MBA,MSC…) without having to leave home. I already have a good Bachelors.


    I’m a Zambian looking for sponsorship to do BA degree (Film & Media studies by Distance learning

  52. Jeanet says:

    I am a Namibian in need for financial support to pursue my dream in a Masters Degree in International Relations or International Development via distance.

  53. Joel Anael says:

    I am based in Tanzania, and I am looking for a scholarship to study International Relations through Distance Learning.

  54. Simon Wachira says:

    I am based in Kenya, and I am looking for a P.H.D. scholarship in information systems management through distance learning.

  55. Phillip Nsaklwa says:

    I am a Zambian citizen looking for sponsorship to study natural resources management by distance learning.

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