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The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is an accredited, independently operated school of design and art that is located in Chicago, Illinois. The school is a subsidiary academy under the Art Institute of Chicago, a high-profile museum in the heart of the city. As a graduate school and undergraduate college, the institute, according to U.S. News & World Report, is one of the top art institutes in the United States.

As an art school, it is rather difficult to educate students over the Internet. Art techniques, practices, and trades are best learned in person, but this has not stopped other art schools from offering a distance education platform of equivalent quality. It may be some time before SAIC decides to offer distance learning, but, what is certain is that it will eventually be able to.

A central mantra of the school is “Provocative thinking and making”. This pertains to the school’s focus on breaking the mold, and transgressing convention which forms the very lifeblood of artistic expression itself. While it cultivates this vitality in its students, it also gives them a thorough grounding in multi-disciplinary subjects, from the liberal arts to the fine arts. From there a student develops their vision and purpose and can channel their efforts toward a particular major.

SAIC is home to the highly controversial exhibit “What is the Proper Way to Display the American Flag?”. The exhibit consisted of the American flag draped across the ground with a podium set on top of it. A journal was set on the podium in which viewers could enter their thoughts on the exhibit. In order to approach the journal, however, one would have to step on the flag. Despite threats and vitriol from sources of all kinds, the school stood by the exhibit and showed it around the United States. The term provocative does not have to be restricted to pleasant reactions it seems.

Tuition bears a hefty price tag, as the art institute is historically significant and very prestigious in nature. For a year’s worth of tuition, an undergraduate would have to pay $32,550, if the student was enrolling themselves in full-time study. For graduates, the price is $35,400 following the same conditions. For either level of study, a credit hour costs just over $1,000.

Education at the school of art is generally focused in the fine arts. Undergraduates will earn from a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies, a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, in Art History, Theory, & Criticism, or in Writing. There is a much greater selection in the realm of graduate studies.

Master’s degrees can be earned in Architecture, which has allowed students to branch off of traditional art studies to work with construction managers, and logisticians to create works of art in which people can live! A Master of Arts can be earned Arts Administration & Policy, Art Education, and even in Art Therapy, among many other M.A. options. There are also some dual degree options offered as well.

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