School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Distance Learning

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is a college offering both undergraduate and graduate level education and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The school focuses its education primarily in the Visual Arts and confers degrees, sometimes in partner ship with Northeastern University and Tufts University. The Museum School of SMFA, as it is sometimes referred to, is a member of the Association of Independent College of Art and Design and is considered a leading art college in the United States.

Students at this school learn from some of the top artists in the United States that are both experienced professors and practicing artists themselves. Art students need respect and freedom to develop their style, technique, and form. At this art school, there is no compartmentalization of study, only the various principles from with to learn and a general set of degrees in which a student can form a specialization.

Currently, art students will have to come to the museum to learn their craft, as the art school does not offer education over the Internet just yet. This does not bar the possibility of a distance education program emerging, albeit in the near future. Art academies, schools, and institutes across the United States have successfully offered quality distance education in the arts, fine arts, performing arts, and visual arts.

The rule of thumb for any given college is that you get what is paid for, though not necessarily what you pay for. Prices and rates are often dropped due to financial aid contributions from various sources to help level the playing field for those without adequate financial means. The Museum School of SMFA is a perfect example.

Undergraduates, without financial aid, would pay the sticker price of $28,532 for a year of full-time study. Right off the bat, 60% of the student body receives grant aid from the school itself, which drops the price of tuition by an average of $13,610 per each recipient. Federal aid is also distributed to students and reaches 14% with average grant sizes of $3,417. Graduates have equal access to institutional aid and will pay the typical full-time rate of $32,084 per year.

Students have access to courses of study leading to degrees in the arts, fine arts, and master’s degrees in teaching. Mainly, students gain experience in the studio and can choose from a variety of schooling. Studio disciplines span the range of Ceramics, Drawing, Film, Animation, Glass, Metals, Painting, Performance, Photography, Print, Sculpture, Sound, Text, Imagine, and Video arts.

A Studio Diploma can be earned, followed by the studio specialization that the student engages in. It should not be misconceived that all students must have a discipline or foundation in studio arts. Rather, education is built around the blank slate of an open mind. Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees can be earned as an alternative to strict studio work, and a Master in the Art of Teaching or a Master of Fine Arts can be earned if the student decides to take their art education to graduate study.

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