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School uniforms might seem like a restriction, but come with many positive outcomes. (Photo credit: Mr Moss)

School uniforms might seem like a restriction, but come with many positive outcomes. (Photo credit: Mr Moss)

Every school must make a decision about what dress code policy they will enforce. Although many schools do not require students to wear a uniform, some schools do to respect the idea of equality. School uniforms not only preserve equality but also make a bold statement about pride; something that students forget to display on a daily basis. Students may view school uniforms as a restriction but uniforms aren’t as bad as people make them seem.

School uniforms are no different than team sport uniforms. They help promote a good sense of belonging to a community or a team. When everyone wears the same outfit, it’s easy to see where they are from.  School uniforms also manage to eliminate many problems, such as fashion obsessed students wasting nearly an hour to decide what to wear to school in the morning. School uniforms also leave no room for a student who cannot afford designer shoes to get picked on. Yes, perhaps uniforms don’t allow students to express themselves, but students have the entire weekend to express themselves plus holidays. School isn’t the place to express yourself anyhow. School is a place to learn, grow, and build character. School uniforms are also a way to organize the students. Everyone is expected to look, act and dress the same way creating a sense of equality. Wearing a uniform that is designed to match the school’s colors reminds you that you are proud to be a part of your school. They make the students look clean cut and ready to participate with their classmates. According to 19 Action News, school uniforms have the ability to improve attendance. That’s a big plus!

School uniforms will also eliminate the problems that teachers have with students not wearing clothing that’s school appropriate. Many teachers have issues with students sagging their pants or girls showing their shoulders and waists. With school uniforms, teachers do not have to waste class time to tell a student to fix their pants or to find something to cover themselves up with. When a student violates the dress code, behavioral issues also arise. Students who violate the dress code are more likely to talk back to the teacher and refuse to do what the teacher asked them to do. Uniforms can easily eliminate these problems.

Uniforms also promote discipline. Schools who require uniforms are usually very strict and do not have time for bad behavior. Limitation on the dress code also helps limit bad behavior. The biggest downfall of uniforms is that it goes against freedom, but this problem can be solved by allowing students to choose from multiple uniforms. If you do not feel like wearing the red polo, wear the green one instead. You still have freedom but to a certain extent.

If you have to wear a uniform, don’t feel disappointed. In the long run it will be worth it and if students at other schools can do it, so can you.

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