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Scripps College is a women’s college of the liberal arts that is one of seven Claremont Colleges and is located in Claremont, California. A distinguishing feature of the college is that all entering students engage in Scripps’ unique core curriculum. The core from which all studies are based is based in an interdisciplinary set of humanities studies.

The Core Curriculum consists of three main sections. Core I, as its called, comprises the first semester of learning. This core study focuses on the critical thinking applications of today that use information derived from history. Dubbed “Histories of the Present”, this section focuses on conscious thinking and mindfulness of academic gems that are often overlooked.

Core II focuses on applying the interdisciplinary knowledge derived from Core I to questions regarding the issues of today. Core II is more focused, with an array of courses offered this time. Students are taught in teams with dialogue being the center of this semester of college.

Core III are meant to evoke creativity and innovation among students as an applicable capstone to what was learned in the past two semesters. Courses in this section of the year are small and seminar style. Each of these courses helps to orchestrate a sequential and reasoned investigation into a chosen topic.

You’ll notice that, as each semester passes, the courses become more and more specific. This makes each student run through a system of inquiry and reasoning to find something of their passion in which they can meaningfully research and learn about. Then the research begins as the student begins to probe and find their way around the subject to find new answers. This basically teaches students to do their own research, which is a set of skills that will reward them throughout college and on through the rest of their lives.

Currently, this college does not offer distance learning or online learning resources. Scripps College can be said to have spent the most part of its life optimizing education for students in California, and more specifically the region. A time will inevitably come when Scripps becomes more globally conscious in its efforts to solve societal problems with knowledge. This will prompt Scripps to reach out to the world. The Internet offers the path of least resistance to that ends.

Overall, Scripps College harbors a restless spirit of questioning, inquiring, and innovating. This stems from the philosophy of the college’s founder: Ellen Browning Scripps. She purports that we as a society must not be 100% sure of anything, even the very process of education we uphold. In that sense, a college should merely be a gateway to knowledge. This is why the core curriculum is structured the way that it is. It will be at some point in the near future that distance learners will become a part of the Scripps framework and join students on campus in education the way it should be.

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