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Seattle Pacific University is a liberal arts university that offers additional study in the sciences and in professional studies. Seattle Pacific University is located, of course, in Seattle, Washington and is affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Scholarship and faith form the basic pillars of a Seattle Pacific education and this is the rock upon which the foundations of superb education is built.

Seattle Pacific University currently offers a graduate distance learning program. This program is a master’s program in the field of Curriculum & Instruction. The Master of Education program is designed to hone the skills of Teaching while supplementing them with Leadership tools for administration.

To earn the master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, one must obtain 48 credits from the selection of courses that Seattle Pacific University offers. Topic areas that are addressed in this program span Foundations & Research, Teaching & Learning, Various Electives, Instructional Technology, Reading & Language Arts, Special Education, School Counseling, and Science Education. Most of the credits earned are earned from the subheaders of Foundations & Research and Teaching & Learning.

90% of students attending the university receive financial aid directly from the university itself. The average amount received among this 90% is $11,232, which drastically reduces the cost of attending. The cost, speaking of, is $26,457 for a typical undergraduate student, following the condition that said student is engaging in their studies full-time. Graduate students will pay $17,793 per year under the same conditions.

Currently, the graduate program in Education is the only featured distance learning program at Seattle Pacific. This is most certainly not the end of the road for distance learning at this university, however. There will most likely be a branching out first to other graduate studies and then down to undergraduate degrees.

Undergraduate majors at the university are very wide in selection. There are over 50 majors to choose from and an equivocal selection of minors to compliment. Majors spread over wide topics, from Nursing to Sociology, Theatre, to Linguistics, and Spanish to Textiles & Clothing. The possibilities are as wide as the many combinations that result from SPU’s selection.

A prominent feature of Seattle Pacific University is that all of its graduating students that apply to a medical school get in. This is because of SPU’s strong pre-professional Health Sciences programs. The strongest offerings in this field are Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry. This is because these are two fields that are most compatible with the liberal arts and human science curriculum offered at the university. This also is logically why so many students get into the medical schools they apply to.

Generally speaking, Seattle Pacific University is a well funded, strongly orchestrated university that takes care in the education it administers. Students can answer their personal callings while pursuing the ultimate calling of God. It’s no wonder students achieve such a high rate of success, they have a clear vision and a clear mind.

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