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Seattle University is a Jesuit Catholic university that is one of the largest in the North and is located in Seattle, Washington. Seattle University is comprised of several smaller colleges including the Albers School of Business & Economics, a College of Education, a College of Nursing, a College of Science & Engineering, a School of Law, a School of Theology & Ministry, and a College of Arts & Sciences. In addition to the university’s commitment towards educating the whole person, students gain professional knowledge and a basing in the liberal arts.

Students must be able to meet five serial criterion as a part of the central Jesuit Catholic philosophy of Seattle University. Students must be able to encounter the world or, in order words, must be able to face real world challenges with knowledge and reason. They must be adept in their discipline, well-trained, in the very passions they pursue, settling for nothing less.

They must be empowered to make a difference in that they will orchestrate their knowledge according to ethic and conscious reasoning. Students must reflect upon what they do and learn to constantly improve their approach to various problems, Finally, they must be committed to ethics and a higher morality that is unshakeable and mutually beneficial.

Currently, distance learning is not a part of this university. It seems that most Jesuit Catholic institutions of higher learning are not offering education of this sort due to their strict education style and religious services. There are some, however, that have broken the mold and have offered at least some online courses to free disadvantaged students from the burden of attending campus. With the increasing role of technology in collegiate education, it is only a matter of time before classes can be taken over the net at Seattle University.

The graduate portion of studies at the university deserve particular attention in the opportunities they offer and again for the quality of such offerings. Students, among a large array of master’s degrees can earn a dual degree in law. Juris Doctorates can be earned from the School of Law in tandem with a master’s degree in a variety of other study. One could earn a Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration or a Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Finance, to state examples.

Other graduate studies dabble in such topics as Pastoral Counseling, School Psychology, and Transformational Leadership. More popular studies, like Accounting, Public Administration, and Psychology are addressed in this graduate array as well. Generally speaking, there is more quality and selection in graduate studies at the university than at many universities.

A grad student will have to pay $17,823 for their studies if they are taking 12- 15 credits per semester. An undergrad will pay $28,260 per year following the same conditions. Otherwise, for part-time enrollment, credit hours are $628 a piece for undergraduates and $660 each for graduates. 84% of the students attending Seattle University are receiving financial aid and usually in excess of $10,830 per year.

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