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Stanford University has, due to its prestigious specialization in engineering, been regarded as one of the best schools in the country for those who wish to pursue a degree in such fields. Some of the most popular courses in the engineering field are being offered by Stanford University free of charge for all who want to use it – for example, both teachers and students. The information provided by Stanford Engineering Everywhere (or SEE) is available not only for those who wish to learn, but it is also, through a Creative Commons license, is available for redistribution and adaptation, encouraging educators to utilize the information provided by Stanford Engineering Everywhere in the classroom.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere allows the student to access high-quality Engineering courses from anywhere. (photo from

Stanford Engineering Everywhere allows the student to access high-quality Engineering courses from anywhere. (photo from

Perhaps you are wondering how Stanford Engineering Everywhere is funded, considering the classes are free. Sequoia Capital, one of the capital firms that helped big-name brands start up, such as Yahoo, and even Google, is funding SEE. One may infer that Stanford Engineering Everywhere will be successful just as the other companies that Sequoia helped to start up. In fact, if it is successful, SEE plans on adding additional courses.

For now, the courses offered by Stanford Engineering Everywhere are three of the undergraduate Computer Science courses that most students at Stanford take during their academic career at Stanford. There are also another seven available as of current, including courses in Artificial Intelligence (3), such as Introduction to Robotics and Machine Learning, as well as Linear Systems and Optimization (4), such as Convex Optimization 1, and The Fourier Transform and its Applications.

All of the reviews I have posted the past few days are for courses that are not accredited. Most of them, because they are not accredited, do not require registration. SEE is one of those programs. Unfortunately, if you have any questions or confrontations about the courses or coursework, you will not receive any help. With the vast amount of students that professors seek to care for at the University – students that are actually receiving credit for completing the coursework – there is no way that Stanford University can reach out to the people. However, students are able to help other students, in utilizing Stanford Engineering Everywhere’s online community.

To view all of the content you may encounter on Stanford Engineering Everywhere, one will need the following items:

  • The internet, which should seem obvious but has to be put out there anyway
  • .wmv (Windows Media Video)
  • .mpg (MPEG-4 Video)
  • .flv (Flash Video)
  • .torrent (BitTorrent File)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)

Being that most mobile devices carry these formats, one may find that they are able to listen and watch lectures in the park, at the library with headphones on, and even on the bus. When such information is tangible at any time of day, there is no excuse to put off learning the information given (although it may be hard to annotate upon!)

For those who, for example, wished to go to a top-notch engineering college but failed to afford it, SEE offers information that you want to have and may even enable you to understand engineering on a deeper level. If you are interested in pursuing an Engineering degree, SEE is something you may want to evaluate for yourself.

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