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Seton Hall University is a privately operated, Roman Catholic university that is located in South Orange, New Jersey. Seton Hall combats the changing sociopolitical world of governments and technologies with outstanding, up-to-date academics. In addition, the university breaks new ground by redefining leadership to an optimal adaption from which students learn to get ahead in the world of tomorrow.

Seton Hall University offers 14 programs between undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Most of them are graduate level programs, as distance learning is most popular in graduate schools and is often the easiest to offer. This is because master’s degrees and doctoral degrees compound upon previous credentials and are usually short programs.

Some of the degrees that can be earned online are the Master of Arts, or alternatively Educational Specialist, a Master of Healthcare Administration, a Master of Science in Nursing, a Master of Arts in School Counseling, a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, just to name a few. This grouping seems to adequately cover the array of online possibilities at Seton Hall University.

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership, for example, is an 18 month program that makes use of an innovative grouping of courses, referred to as modules. Module I attacks the topic directly in an overview of the theoretical applications for transformational, ethical, and dynamic leadership styles. Module II focuses on the organizational applications of the skills learned in Module I and the various forms these applications take.

Seton Hall takes great care in administering programs that are taught over the net. It is easy for a college or university to lose sight of quality when offering education in more disembodied formats. Seton Hall combats this by assigning the same great faculty to distance learners that would otherwise be teaching on campus. In addition, online courses are made to feel like an in-class environment with students frequently collaborating with one another and especially their instructors.

Financial aid at Seton Hall University is plentiful and comes from a variety of sources about which information is published for every student to access. 1 out of 4 students attending Seton Hall University receive federal aid and with the average amount of $6,077 received per year. State and local grants combine to supply roughly the same percentage of students and in greater average amount $7,466.

What is fortunate about the allotment of financial aid at Seton Hall is that 82% of the student body receives grants directly from the university itself. The average amount received is $11,709, which is a good armament against the average undergraduate price tag of $27,680 per year for full-time study. Graduate students will pay $15,750 per year, which is much easier to finance.

As a part of its Catholic Mission, the university hosts a world of theological discussions that open the community to new ideas as well as time-honored traditions. The Catholic community at Seton Hall is about sharing, more than doctrine. It’s about exploring, more than learning. Most of all Seton Hall is about success, more than a college degree.

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