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Seton Hill University is a small Roman Catholic university of the liberal arts that is located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It started as a women’s college, but recently (2002) reverted to coeducational status. It was founded by the Sisters of Charity as a liberal arts college.

Seton Hill University offers online learning resources in addition to a few graduate degree programs. In some graduate degree programs, brief residencies may be required, although, this is usually minimal and, in some cases, can be exempted. Courses taught online most certainly maintain the same quality as courses taught on campus by the simple proof that the university would not offer them if they were not.

There is an online program in Genocide & Holocaust Studies that recently emerged in 2007. This program was drafted and developed by the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education. A graduate certificate can be earned or Genocide & Holocaust Studies can be tacked onto a degree as a minor. This program can be completed 100% online.

The program spans 15 credits and takes students through the history, development, factors involved, and prevention of genocides and case studies like the Holocaust. Some courses that are taught in this program are titled Methods for Teaching the Holocaust, Special Topics in Genocide, Focused Research in Genocide & Holocaust Studies, and other related topics and titles. Students enrolling in this program can complete their credential or minor in under a year.

Since the program is a graduate program, graduate tuition rates apply to it. For distance learners, the cost is calculated by the credit hour. A credit hour costs $695. Compare this to the cost of $690 for an undergraduate credit hour. The full-time rate of $12,510 per year does not apply to students enrolling in this program full-time. In fact, it is recommended that students in this program at least split up the credits into two semesters.

Financing an education at Seton Hill is not difficult. Right off the bat 96% of students at the university receive direct grants and in very high amount. The average amount per student per year is $14,937. This is a grant, it does not have to be repaid. The university does this to combat the cost of higher education.

Federal aid reaches 29% of the student body and in amounts usually in excess of $3,000. The same can be said for the average amount of aid received by state and local aid qualifiers, only this category of aid reaches 45% of all students at Seton Hill University.

82% students take out loans, but it is not in high amount and the loans are usually paid off within two years. Despite this, the university offers flexible financing options. Seton Hill University believes whole-heartedly that the opportunities of higher education should not be weighed down by financial barriers. To that ends, the university gives students many means to overcome this obstacle.

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