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Open up and get creative! (Photo by Wonderlane)

We all benefit from Creative Commons (CC). CC, a globally based non-profit, is the organization that helps people get their original work into the public domain while retaining copyright protection. In its almost 10 years of existence, CC has changed the virtual landscape in everything from blogs to Flickr. Now CC is collaborating with Peer to Peer University (P2PU), an active peer learning platform and community for developing and running free online courses, to bring that same level of openness to skill sets through the School of Open.

Whether you’re a whiz at math, a tech junkie, or know your way around a library, you can build on your own knowledge by presenting it to others, teaching them, then getting their feedback. Their creative ideas in turn can fuel your brainstorming process, and the whole world benefits. That’s the idea, anyway. At the same time that inventors, scientists, artists and the like are invited to create courses for the edification of others, the School of Open is attempting to establish policies and resources for the open source community. The School of Open has set itself a major task.

The first challenge for the School of Open is to establish protocols for sharing. The School of Open is progressing in an atmosphere of community, asking for any and all who are interested to join this collaborative effort in whatever capacity they can. In its ongoing spirit of transparency, the School of Open is

  • Holding an open community call once a month for those working on courses or who want to shape the future of the project.
  • Having a public discussion at (join here).
  • Enabling collaborative editing and feedback on core documents using etherpads, including:
  • Documenting all progress at the P2PU blog.
  • Tracking all tasks and projects on a public Trello board.
  • Adding all events to a public Google calendar.

Once up and running, the plan is for the School of Open to provide courses on what it means to be open, both online and off. Instructors will offer guidance on the resources and tools that are available for collaboration. Eventually, the School of Open wants to offer certification in openness, so that students can assist others in locating and using all of the advantages of the digital age. In the meantime, current courses include Teach someone something with open content and Get CC Savvy.

Interested in opening up the web? The School of Open invites everyone to participate. You can get involved in any of the following ways:

If you think that the School of Open’s concepts of “open policy, open education, open access, open science, and open culture” sound exciting, now’s the time to get involved.

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