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Shawnee State University is a university of public status that is located in Portsmouth, Ohio. Shawnee State University offers a variety of options for students that want quality education, but find themselves restricted by their budget. Degrees, certificates, and training can be taken at multiple levels and in expansive diversity. Shawnee State University offers some online courses, but does not appear to be offering complete online degree programs.

The online course selection is pretty good and can take the course load off of the shoulders of a busy day schedule. In most cases, however, it could not satisfy the purposes of a particular major or minor. Still yet, the opportunities are wide and far-reaching. Certificates can be earned in Computer Aided Drafting & Design, Deaf Studies, Environmental Science, and Plastics Engineering Technology. For students going for a two-year college plan can earn an Associate of Applied Business, an Associate of Applied Science, an Associate of Arts, an Associate of Science, and An Associate of Technical Study. These degrees span the majors of Engineering Preparatory Studies, General Information, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Accounting Technology and far too many options to list here. Bachelors degrees come in an even more dizzying array. Bachelors degrees can be earned in Communications, Integrated Language Arts, Drawing, Biology, and Psychology. Students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Bachelor of Science.

There are even Associates and Bachelors degrees in Individualized Studies. The Individualized Studies major allows a student to form their own individual program of study on the basis of certain criteria. A student must complete 60 credit hours with an accumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. There must be at least two areas of concentration that each receive 14 credit hours worth of study. The only remaining checkpoint is to meet the general education requirements of a standard, accredited associate degree. Education is very affordable at the state university, even if a student isn’t eligible for state benefits. The eligibility of a given student is dependent upon their status as a resident or non-resident of that state.

For instance, a resident student will pay $5,184 per year for full-time education if they are an undergrad. A non-resident, on the other hand, will pay $9,528. For part-time study, the cost is calculated by credit hours, which are $216 a piece for residents and $397 for non-residents. Graduate students pay $7,020 for full-time education, annually, if they are a resident. Otherwise, the cost of a full-time education is $17,550 per year. For part-time study, the cost of a credit hour is $390 for residents and $975 for non-residents. Shawnee State University, as state universities often do, provides quality and affordable education backed by the resources and funding of the state. Students can approach their studies often without taking out a loan to finance this. For this reason the university can, should be, and has been commended academically.

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