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Shenandoah University is a privately operated university that is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is located in Winchester, Virginia. Shenandoah University is comprised of 6 smaller schools that offer 90 different modes of study between them. The university offers a mix of liberal arts education and professional preparation to give students a good balance of perspective and focus.

Shenandoah University offers a series of online courses. These courses can be taken and applied towards earning a certificate in one of over 100 specializations offered under Shenandoah’s Center for Lifelong Learning. Certificates can be earned in Chartered Tax Professional, Information Systems Management, Clinical Dental Assistant, CompTIA A+ Certification, Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager, and many many more that cannot be listed here.

Online certificate courses are offered by Shenandoah University, but are contracted through Ed2Go. This means that students enrolling online can expect the same level of quality that literally hundreds of universities and colleges have come to trust. In a likewise manner, the selection is resultantly very wide.

Shenandoah University aids its students by awarding financial aid to 71% of its students in grant form. The average size of said grant is $7,746. This amount fluctuates from person to person, with some students receiving a decent contribution for their studies and a few students having most or all of their expenses paid.

Students should always apply for FAFSA, because everyone who applies will receive some financial aid at least. 20% of students at Shenandoah receive grants and usually in excess of $3,000. State and local aid contributes roughly the same amount of average aid, but to 46% of the student body.

Shenandoah University is globally conscious and regularly immerses its students in foreign cultures and customs to further their studies. Experienced students at Shenandoah University sit beside faculty and assist them in aiding first year students in their initial adjustment and calibration. In this way, nobody is a stranger to the next person. Students help students, faculty get to know their students, and students get to know their faculty, all wrapped in a constructive program that helps to keep the collegiate experience as smooth as possible.

Tuition at Shenandoah University reflects the quality of the college and, for some, can be a little steep. For a full-year of education, an undergraduate would pay $22,740, assuming that student is applying themselves full-time. Otherwise, part-time tuition is calculated at $670 per credit hour. This is why the university goes the extra length to put financial aid into the pockets of its students.

Graduate students will pay $15,360 per year for their studies, if they are engaged full-time. Per credit hour, a part-time graduate education goes by an identical rate. Graduates receive a separate set of aid from the university itself, but can be said to receive equal amounts for their studies.

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