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Shorter University is a Christian university seated in the heart of Rome, Georgia. Shorter University shares affiliations with the Georgia Baptist Convention and was originally an all-female college prior to its reversion to coeducational status in the 1950s. The university’s subsidiary programs and departments have received all their own accreditations. The university itself has had its quality confirmed by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

As a Christian university, Shorter has historically built a campus and atmosphere that cultivates a student’s passion to learn and that nourishes the budding soul. Following this wonderful campus is the university’s successful efforts in providing online education. There are a couple of degree programs to choose from and individual online courses for those who have different plans.

For starters, students now have the opportunity to remove the boilerplate from their educational studies with an online program. General education courses can be taken online at Shorter University, allowing students to spend the rest of their residency learning about subjects of their passion and major, not the filler. There is a strong chance that one can complete most of their general education studies online, although there is no explicit offering of an online Associate of Arts degree.

There is, however, an Associate of Science degree.This degree continues upon the same trend that the general education program does. An Associate degree can be earned online at an affordable rate and in a convenient, flexible format. This degree can be used for entry into other colleges or as a precursor to degrees later earned at Shorter.

There are two undergraduate degrees offered alongside the associate degree, as well as a graduate degree. These are the Bachelor of Business Administration,  the Bachelor of Business Administration with a track in Sport Management, and a Master of Accountancy. Not much information is published regarding the nature of these programs, just that they are able to be taken online. More information about the specifics of these programs can be requested from Shorter University.

What can be discerned from context is that the Master of Accountancy program is that of emphatic quality. The university only recently started to offer graduate study, and the Master of Accountancy is one of the few complete degree programs. It has received much attention from the proper faculty and staff, producing excellent results that have necessarily drawn more students into the program for the purposes of expanding the master’s-level offerings.

Shorter University is affordable, even despite the fact that it is privately owned and operated. An undergraduate student pays $15,440 per year for full-time study (between 12 and 15 credits per semester) or $420 per credit hour for part-time study, whichever is preferred. Considering the merit that Shorter University has collected, this is a great rate and for quality education in the Christian tradition.

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