Should Guns Be Allowed on College Campuses?

Guns… Everyone has their own perspective on these weapons, whether it would be due to a personal experience or not. Despite your stance, many are fighting both for and against guns on campus. As one can read below, both sides of the argument have valid points.

What is your stance on guns on campus? (photo by zombieite)

Should we allow guns on campus? Yes:

If we allow students to withhold guns, if they have permits, students will be safer. As shown by Glamour, women may feel more secure and able to fight off predators with access to guns on campus. Students may refute that though there are other weapons and objects to prevent instances such as rape, those weapons are not a sure fire escape. The student objects to whistles because they only work if others are around to hear them. Mace, which is sprayed in the opponent’s eyes to disengage them from attacking you by sight, can often backlash against you, leaving you unable to see or get away as well.

Should we allow guns on campus? No:

Teachers, students, and colleges as a whole will feel much safer if laws disarm students. As shown by NYTimes, the instability of the student can put all in harm’s way. Also in the article from Glamour, a student depicts the loss of her sister from a student with a gun on campus. We must also remember our nation’s past: how could we be sure there would be no increase in gun violence on campus if events such as the Virginia Tech massacre and the Columbine massacre happen regardless of if guns were lawful in schools? For example, though Lynn university is a school in a state that allows for concealed weaponry, they desire safety and thus, guns are not allowed on campus.

Given both sides of the argument, we can think of the two stances as a conversation. “One” will represent agreement that guns should be allowed on campus, while “Two” will represent that they should not be allowed on campus.

One:  Students and teachers who wish to cause harm to others will attempt to harm others regardless of what the law states.
Two: Good point, however, it will prove easier to execute if we lawfully allow students to carry guns.
One: If a college is truly worried, couldn’t they just bump up security to protect themselves?
Two: They could, but that could prove costly…

As you can see, the hypothetical conversation could go on and on, on account of the numerous factors involved.

The very personal opinions allow for fierce opposition as well as agreement upon the subject. For now, it is just a question to ponder. However, one can be certain, if a leap is made in either direction by lawmakers, there will be people fighting and questioning it.

The fact of the matter is that states, as well as associations, such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), can not regulate the state of mind of the students. They can not evaluate and determine who is responsible and what isn’t. Even if they could evaluate the psyche, mental stability is not a permanent factor in anyone’s lives.

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