Should Schools Switch to E-Readers?

With the popularization of items like the Nook and the Kindle, it is no wonder that the idea that schools should switch to E-readers is becoming even more questioned than in the past. There are two viewpoints on the subject that are worth taking a look at. Of course, with the funds that most public schools have, this is likely to not happen anytime soon. However – it is still in our minds and worth the thought. Especially if it will make learning more efficient.

Are E-Readers are going to be a thing of the future? (photo by Arianravan)

Are E-Readers are going to be a thing of the future? (photo by Arianravan)

For those who agree we should switch to E-Readers, there are many reasons for their disposition. Of course, the more modern a technology is, the more desirable it is to the people. As of 2012, NBC News states that E-Readers in the classroom would be a great addition because of the ease of use. The only problem with usability would be if the E-Readers were not charged – but keeping up with that is a simple task that you could condition your classroom to do easily. The best thing an E-Reader has to offer to students is the portability factor. Instead of having to carry several pounds of weight of books in one backpack, stressing the shoulders, one would be able to minimize back and shoulder pain as well as improve upon posture.

Another pro of E-Readers is the fact that students would have to wait for information to come, whereas with an E-Reader, information would be automatically accessible. It also offers to get rid of outdated information in place of recent information to better aid in the efficiency and relevancy of learning.

Some other pros of E-Readers are the cost – which can be a cheaper way to pay for college textbooks. According to the same article, a book entitled, “Fundamentals of Forensic Science,” is about 85$, whereas the Kindle version is 70$. Though that is not a big jump between the two, overtime, when there could be several books for each class, the cost would quickly add up, saving you hundreds of dollars. In fact, some professors have been known to say that they prefer E-Readers over laptops, because laptops offer more distraction for students around them.

However, some people feel differently about E-Readers. Although the cost is significant and the portability offers unparalleled competition, some prefer the feel of real books. For one, using textbooks instead of E-Readers allow for note taking – which is harder to do. Using sticky notes as you read, or even writing in the book can greatly help your understanding of the material. According to, some people do not understand why it is even a consideration to waste energy on tablets and E-Readers when textbooks are adequate and practical.

As I said previously, we have time. It is not as if schools currently have the funds to change on the blink of an eye. However, as technology expands and our needs change, E-Readers may become a thing of the present instead of the future.

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