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Siena College is an independently operated Roman Catholic college of the liberal arts that is located in Loudonville, New York. Siena’s traditions run by the Franciscan ethics and values of consciousness, service, and intellectualism. This has made the community student-centered and has helped shape the unique identity of Siena College.

Siena College divides its studies into three main categories: Business, Liberal Arts, and the Sciences. As a Catholic college, the main body of study is contained within the Liberal Arts, with some supplementary programs in Science and Business majors for study in leadership.

The School of Business at Siena College is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The AACSB has been referred to by Forbes magazine as the “gold standard” of accreditation in business schools. Here, students can delve into the practices of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Economics, and Management with the instruction of trained and experienced professionals in the business world. Students will not uncommonly go under “undeclared business” in lieu of a major and earn a general degree in Business Administration.

Moving over to the liberal arts, one can see a wealth of education choices and explorative avenues. The liberal arts curriculum at Siena spans from Teacher Education, English, Religious Studies, Philosophy, and spots of study that speckle the entire spectrum. Siena is said to be strongest in Psychology, of all the liberal arts studies, as it receives the highest attention from students and has thusly received theĀ  most attention over the years.

Currently, Siena College does not offer distance learning. This isn’t the result of any specific characteristic of the college, per se, just merely a lack of resources to provide education of this type. Many Catholic institutions of higher learning have implemented distance learning and with great care and resultant quality. In the case of Siena College, it is merely a matter of when the opportunity arises to introduce distance learning.

The Sciences at Siena College are solid. Simply put, the programs in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics form the backbone of a strong sciences program from which the rest of the subjects stem. There is also a good supply of applied sciences and natural sciences, like Environmental Studies. Mathematics can be found here as well.

It is a trend among Catholic colleges that students receive concentrated amounts of grant aid for their tuition. This is a part of Catholic belief in service and helping those in need, and Siena College is no exception. 86% of the student body receives financial aid from Siena College itself with the average grant amount being $11,593 per year per student.

FAFSA, or federal grant aid, yields dividends of over $4,000 usually and to 17% of the student body. State aid reaches just about half of the student body with lesser contributions. 71% of students take out a student loan to supplement their finance.

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