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Siena Heights University is a Catholic university of diocesan tradition that is located in Adrian, Michigan. Siena Heights is informally referred to as Opportunity U, for its spread of programs and services that have helped countless individuals get a leg up into the workforce, research, scholarship, and other lucrative opportunities.

Siena Heights University offers distance learning programs, making it opportune for students learning at a distance as well! This distance learning programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. There are a few options to work with if you intend to enroll at a distance.

One of these programs is the online Bachelor of Applied Science program. This program is designed to fit students with a degree that matches their study need and also enables them for skilled employment. The B.A.S. comes with the following options for a major: Respiratory Therapy, Health Care Professions, Public Safety Professions, Technical/Trade & Industrial Professions, Specialized Occupational Professions, Radiologic Technology, Dental Hygiene, and Sign Language Interpretation. These can be completed 100% online with the accumulation of a total of 120 credits.

There are similar programs with majors resulting in the conferral of an online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an online Bachelor of Business Administration. One can also earn their minor online. There are three minors available, Management, Marketing, and Technology Management. All of the online programs offered are merely a collection of online courses. Some programs extend the curriculum into a finishing capstone project which is also completed online. But, mostly, earning a distance learning degree from Siena Heights is straightforward.

Distance learning programs will likely see an expansion in the near future, and certainly as a general pattern over time. There are over 45 different areas of study offered on campus. Each of them will likely emerge one at a time as the university focuses its efforts on introducing and organizing each program of study. That aside, education is taught with utmost care. Professors are accessible, class sizes are reasonably small, and coursework is kept at the same characteristic level as the style of courses on campus.

Siena Heights University charges $17,894 per year for full-time undergraduate study. The university makes no distinction in tuition rate between credit hours earned online and credit hours earned on campus. Thusly, in either case, the cost of an undergrad credit hour is $415.

What is unique and good about Siena Heights is that every student at the college receives grant aid in some form and to some degree. These grants come directly from the college itself and average $8,838 per student per year. Federal grants are dispersed to 55% of the student population and the amount granted usually exceeds $3,000. There are other forms of financial aid, like scholarships, academic awards, and need-based grants, but the aforementioned sources comprise the main sources.

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