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Silver Lake College is a baccalaureate, Catholic college of the liberal arts that is located in the Diocese of Green Bay in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Silver Lake College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is recognized by its peer institutions as a quality college. Students from all over the world, Tanzania, Australia, China, Ireland, etc. come to take advantage of this.

Silver Lake College is offering an online master’s degree whose courses can be completed over the net. This degree is called the Master of Science in Management & Organizational Behavior. This is thought to be a strong alternative to the commonplace Master of Business Administration.

The main difference between the two degrees is that the master of science focuses on the qualitative aspects of management, as opposed to the stricter quantitative side. Students earning the M.S. learn to cultivate and manage the human resources of an organization, instead of just the physical and financial resources. An advantage of this program is that many of the foundation skills necessary to pursue a masters are taught to novices. In a typical MBA program, those skills would come in the form of numerous prerequisites.

As mentioned before, the degree is earned using a series of online courses. Some of the courses involved are Managing the Changing Organization, Financial & Managerial Accounting, Leading Diversity in Organizations, Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving, and Corporate Strategy. Busy professionals will earn the degree over the course of 2 years. Accelerated learners can earn the degree in 1 year.

The cost of graduate education is very affordable at Silver Lake College. A graduate student studying full-time will pay $7,110 per year for their studies. The more likely scenario is that students will be taking the masters degree program courses part-time. Part-time tuition is calculated at $395 per credit hour.

Currently, the Master of Science in Management & Organizational Behavior is the only online degree or online program that is being hosted at Silver Lake College. There will certainly more selection in the future, as the college is working hard to advance its distance education platform. The rise of any other online degree programs will likely the form of more masters degrees.

Financing an education at Silver Lake is a lot less difficult than it could be. 97% of students at the college are receiving financial aid directly from Silver Lake College itself. This is in effort to curtail the cost of higher education and can be thought of as a direct discount.

34% of students at the college are receiving financial aid from federal sources, mainly Pell Grants. State and local sources contribute financial aid to 55% of the student body and usually in amounts exceeding $2,000. It is not known whether or not state aid is awarded to out-of-state distance learners.

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