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Simmons College is a women’s college focused primarily in undergraduate study and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Simmons College has been designated by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best colleges in the United States. This is one top rank among many. The college is known for its programs in Nursing, Education, Social Work, Communications, and a few other fortes.

Simmons College offers three online programs pertaining to the health sciences. There are two certificates and a doctorate degree that can be earned 100% online. There is also a hybrid doctorate program, where most of the lectures and coursework can be completed off-campus and online, whereas some elements of the program are residential.

The two certificates, the Certificate in Sports Nutrition, and the Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in Health Professions Education, are meant for students that have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in related fields. The C.A.G.S., for one, is a post-master’s certificate. The aim of this program is to instill proficiency in education, educational strategy, and technologies. Nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and nutritionists form the target audience for this program.

The fully online doctorate degree is a Doctor of Physical Therapy is an affordable transitional degree for practicing clinicians. The program gives physical therapists more skills and knowledge in research as well as research methods, and marketing, the administration of health organizations, and new technologies. Graduate students also learn about policies, like insurance and health plans, health care legislation, as well as billing and financial aspects of Physical Therapy.

The hybrid course for the Doctor of Nursing Practice follows a similar route. Nurses learn more about the specifics of their profession while learning more peripheral information about their surroundings and the administration involved. What this enables nurses to do, first and foremost, is increase their earning potential. On top of this, they can also take on larger roles and responsibilities within their health care organization.

Each program runs their own separate tuition rates. The Doctor of Physical Therapy program charges a one-time tuition fee of $9,000 for the whole program. For the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, the cost is $8,500 for the whole program. For all other online programs, the cost per credit hour is $1,090. There are health insurance fees as well, this is usually about $2,500 per semester.

There are scholarships and even assistantships available to assist in the cost of education. These vary in nature, between programs, and have allowed students to pay some or even all of their tuition costs of through alternative means. All students applying to any of the programs fill out a FAFSA to receive federal aid for their studies.

The institution itself has developed a reputation for granting large amounts of non-repayable aid to its graduates and undergraduates. 89% of the student body receives grant aid directly from Simmons College itself. This amount is $11,174 on average per student, with some student receiving a few thousand dollars for their studies and others having their full tuition paid.

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