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Simpson College is a liberal arts institution of higher learning that is primarily a four-year college, and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Simpson College has been ranked in the top 10 comprehensive colleges of the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report, and holds the top rank among them for Best Value. Simpson College is also home to the Des Moines Metro Opera. The college is located in Indianola, Iowa.

Simpson College currently is not offering distance learning. Instead, the college has focused its resources into being involved with the community and benefiting those who are a part of it. Simpson may offer distance learning in the future. If this were to happen, it would most likely start as online courses.

The college is home to only about 2,000 students at any given time, although, the academic selection is very far-reaching. A student could just as easily approach a career in Art & Design as they could Sport Science, or Biochemistry. On top of that, faculty are specialized to their fields and usually only teach classes within their immediate range of expertise.

What is distinguishable about the college is that it invests heavily in its core curriculum. This core is centered in “Cornerstone Studies” that represent the most crucial elements in the Liberal arts. These are Scientific Perspective, Humanities, Social Science, Western Traditions, Fine Arts, Global Awareness, Minority Perspective, and a capstone course known as the Senior Colloquium.

An undergraduate student will pay $24,414 per year if they elect to enroll in their studies full-time. That cost can be divided into $265 per credit hour, if the student is taking less than 12 credit hours in a given semester. Although the college is primarily a four-year institution, graduate studies are available also. Credit hours in this range of study are $345 each or, if enrolled full-time, a grad student pays $6,210 per year.

For students paying over $20,000 per year for their studies, financing one’s education can be a difficult task. This is why Simpson College dedicates an average of $12,257 per year to 99% of its students. There are other forms of aid available,  but this is the main contribution received. Generally speaking, every student on campus receives tuition aid in some form and to at least some extent.

What is fortunate is that students don’t have to wait until their graduate studies to participate in meaningful research. Students can research beyond their standard curriculum with facilities set up for that exact reason. This is also an excellent opportunity for a student to strengthen their resume when applying for graduate study. In a likewise sense, working with researchers, faculty, and professors builds academic connections. Generally, students get familiar with researching facilities and can explore areas of their passion while laying the foundations for a rewarding career.

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