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Simpson University is a college of the liberal arts that is privately operated, but affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Simpson University is located in Redding, California. The university is comprised of three main divisions of study: Business & Sciences, Theology & Ministry, and the Humanities. There is also graduate study available in Education and Ministry.

Simpson University houses the A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary, where students can do anything from explore their faith to actively learn about Ministry and Theology in a collegiate environment. Many students, pastors, ministers, and regular church goers have come to learn more about and deepen their relationship with God. Through the department of continuing studies, Simpson University offers two distance learning programs. One is for a degree in Organizational Leadership, the other is for a Certificate in Healthcare Management. Either of these two programs are completed using online courses and, thusly, can be earned 100% online.

The degree in Organizational Leadership is a bachelor’s degree that serves as an alternative to the common Bachelor of Business Administration. The major of Organizational Leadership focuses on the qualitative aspects of management, as opposed to the management aspects. The program consists of 12 courses all leading to a final capstone project. Completion of these leads to the conferral of the degree. The Healthcare Managment Certificate offers nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, etc., a chance at increasing their earning potential without committing to a degree program. Not only does the certificate teach students about the inner working of healthcare, healthcare organizations, law, and finance, but it gives students a grounding in management as well. This qualifies healthcare professionals for higher roles within their organizations.

There is also a selection of online courses that students can take advantage of, provided the current selection of courses is not suitable. These courses are mainly concentrated around the current online programs, but there are electives that cross over to other majors. The online courses and programs certainly won’t be the last that are offered, but rather the first in a line of many. Tuition rates are not terribly high, given the college’s private status. For a full year of study, an undergraduate will pay $19,500 per year, if they are enrolling more than 12 credits per semester. Part-time study for undergraduates is calculated at $825 per credit hour.

Graduate students experience a large price drop to $9,400 per year for full-time study. Otherwise, a grad student will pay $580 per credit hour. These rates are the amount a student would pay before financial aid. The actual amount paid per semester is much lower. This is because 99% of the student body receives financial aid directly from the college itself. The average amount awarded is $7,954 per student. About 1 in 3 students receive federal grants and aid. The same amount can be said to receive aid from state and local sources as well. In short, financial aid is abundant and can cover much of a student’s tuition costs at Simpson University.

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