Single Gender Classes

In my high school, along with others across the whole nation, teachers and students are given the opportunity to experiment with single gender classrooms. The question they are trying to answer is if single gender classes are the best way to teach students – is isolating them from the opposite gender beneficial in any way? The answer is that yes, it is beneficial in some ways but it also hinders students and is even unconstitutional. Also, it depends on the students. No set of students are alike.

All girls classes may prove to be ineffective. (photo by theirhistory)

The Pros

  • As according to, children break stereotypes when put into all girls/all guys classes.
  • Girls will no longer care for their appearances as they have nobody to impress.
  • Boys can be free to do things without worry of impressing girls.
  • Girls and boys learn differently, as stated here.
That last bullet point – is it true? Some may claim that it’s an advantage to single gender classes, but students all learn from the same learning styles. Students all learn differently. Boys and girls learning statistically differently in certain areas does not call for immediate recognition that it would be easier for students to learn if they were grouped with the same sex. There will always be outliers.

The Cons

  • In simplest form, boys get rowdy.
  • Girls can be vicious.
  • Does not offer growing in areas of weakness.
  • It will be easier to group the entire class for the problems of a sole student if they are all of the same sex.

Another con is the fact that it is unconstitutional. Are we advocating patriarchal stereotypes if boys are statistically better in a subject than girls? Have women not fought for years for equal rights? Are we taking those rights away when we tell girls that they will be better off if in solitude than with the opposite sex?

Although it claims to boost socialization, children are less social towards the other gender. This is an obvious feat, as, if their friendships and growth is often with the same sex, they will, as according to this article, “…[lack the] foundation for some basic human skills…” Is it worth putting our kids through supposed, but not proved, better education but not preparing them socially? Half of the battle in the workforce is socialization. Even in most personal lives, interacting with the opposite sex is a big portion of how we spend our time.

Students all have different opinions on the subject matter. Society has found no proof that single gender classes are beneficial to anyone. They may in fact just be a way to ease the parent’s minds about what and how their children are doing in an academic setting. There are biases from the studies and often they test single gender classes based on academic rank. In my school, they are attempting to use a remedial class to test same-sex classes, rather than AP or honors. In my research of the subject, I have found that it is not random classrooms that receive this split. If we are not randomizing our test subjects, how can we be sure of its effectiveness at all? We can’t. That is why, though research has already been gathered, schools are still testing and implementing a “single gender” outloo.

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