Skool Daze: The Video Game

As we near Summer, what better way to prepare than to play a game that reminds us of the trouble we got into in high school.

Nothing like vintage video games to mark the start of Summer. (photo by Matt Hutchinson)

Nothing like vintage video games to mark the start of Summer. (photo by Matt Hutchinson)

In 1984, someone decided to break the mold of typical schoolchildren life by emulating a video game in which the student had an “abnormal” experience at school. This someone was David Reidy, who conveniently enough, had a wife who was a school teacher at the time of its production. The company who released the game, Skool Daze, was Microsphere, for the C64 Platform.

The game follows a young boy named Eric, who is given instruction through the game’s instruction manual. Thankfully, GameFaqs had it available for the world to see. As quoted here,


"You are Eric, a troublesome schoolboy, and your task is to steal a report
  card out of the school safe in the staff room to avoid getting into
  trouble! To do this, you must collect the combination letters of the safe
  and write them on a blackboard - Not such an easy task seeing as one letter
  of the four letter combination is held by each of the teachers in the
  school. In order to get them to tell you their number you must make all of
  the shields scattered around the school flash by hitting them or firing
  your catapult at them. Once all the shields are flashing, knocking the
  teachers over with your catapult will cause them to tell you their letter
  of the combination. All except Old Mr. Creak that is, who is so old he
  cannot be trusted to remember his letter. It has been hypnotically 
  implanted in his mind and he will only remember it when he sees the number
  of the year he was born.

  To make things even harder, the school is teaming with kids and teachers
  and you are expected to attend lessons! Einstein is a swot and will tell
  on you if you do anything naughty, Angelface is a bully and will try to
  get you into trouble and Boy Wonder is a tearaway who loves to write on
  blackboards and fire his catapult at the teachers and other boys. Do 
  anything wrong, or even just be caught in the wrong place at the wrong
  time - and you will be given lines. Collect over 10,000 lines and you will
  be expelled from school.

  Some shields are easy to reach, but others will require you to invent more
  ingenious methods of making them flash. Once you have your report, the
  chase isn't over as the flashing shields attract the attention of the
  teachers to your crime! This means you must turn them all off again in 
  order to complete the year! And then there is next year..."'


Interestingly enough, you can download the game here at this link

And the perfect complement? Skool Daze has a sequel, called Back to Skool, in which gameplay is expanded through Eric’s love interest and weaponry. Also – there is an unofficial computer platform “Skool Daze” entitled “Klass of ’99.”

Ah, we can feel Summer approaching even more quickly and with even more urgency… How we long for the days of video games, late nights, pool hopping, and relaxing without a care in the world.

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