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Smith College is a women’s college of the liberal arts that is considered to be the largest of the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters are a famous group of women’s liberal arts college in the Northeastern United States that were founded between 1837 and 1889. This college is located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

At Smith College, education isn’t just a device for a higher salary or a career, it is a part of each student’s identity. Students, using that logic, are supported in their endeavors to learn on their own terms. The curriculum is open and, instead of instituting requirements for any particular program, students are paired with faculty to mentor them throughout their collegiate journey.

Currently, Smith College isn’t offering distance education. This isn’t necessarily due to it’s stance as a women’s college, but rather because it is a premium institution of higher learning. For schools of this caliber, it is difficult to offer online education, due to the level of quality that must be obtained. This doesn’t mean that distance education won’t become available in the near future but, rather, that online education will take time in its installation at Smith College.

Smith’s College is a women’s college partly due to continuing historical reasons. The college was founded in a time where women didn’t have many other options than domestic roles and a few vocational trades. Smith’s College offered women a chance to earn the same credentials a man could at the time. Today, Smith’s College takes advantage of the single-sex environment to produce scholars that, not surprisingly, outshine their competition in many ways.

For undergraduate students and for graduate students, tuition rates are the same, per credit hour and per year, if full-time. For a year of full-time study, a student will pay $35,810. For part-time study, a student will pay $1,120 per credit hour. These rates are the amount paid without any financial aid whatsoever and do not reflect the actual amount paid for tuition each year.

The selection of academics is very wide and has likewise received attention from top faculty from around the country (and the world) that come to benefit from Smith’s College facilities. Women can learn about Classics, Neuroscience, Italian Studies, Economics, Sociology, and an array of topics that go far beyond the typical range of the liberal arts. With that in mind, the liberal arts studies at Smith’s College have seen over a century of refinement.

62% of the women attending Smith’s College receive a large deduction in their tuition rates from grants that are awarded directly through the college itself. The average amount that this 62% receives each year is $23,308, with some students having their full tuition paid while others receive a decent contribution. This is not to speak for other forms of financial aid, but is rather a testament to the college’s commitment towards education for those who deserve it most. And that is, anybody, really.

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