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If you’re what would be considered an “active parent” and want to find new, innovative, and fun things to do with your kids, luckily for you a beta website exists by and for you called “Social Rugrats.” The website is soon to launch. Studies have shown that though technology has promised to bring us closer together as a society, we are more and more hesitant to be social outside of a cell phone or a laptop. However, the importance of socialization on a child remains at the same level. Does that mean we are to leave our children lacking fundamental growth because it doesn’t sync up with our fast-paced technological culture? Certainly not. Social Rugrats is a free way to discover events marketed towards children as well as set up play groups and play dates – ultimately saving time and money, which our society seems to never truly have to spare.

Nothing beats time with your kids (photo by larryontheprairie)

Nothing beats time with your kids (photo by larryontheprairie)

The website will offer a way for parents to safely share the time they spend with their children, a way to search for events in your area, as well as what I have previously stated in the opening paragraph. If you wish to know when the site launches, feel free to give them your e-mail here. They promise not to spam you!

Even though their website has not been launched yet, there is much you can learn about the environment at Social Rugrats. In viewing their blog, as found here, the posts reveal that there is a true heart to becoming a better parent or guardian. With weekly “challenges” to spend more time with your kids doing things they will enjoy, such as making a mud pie. Social Rugrats, as I’m sure you can infer, will be a hit with parents as it launches. The site is for people who genuinely want to encourage their child’s creativity, invest time with them, and help them to learn and grow – values that we, here at Distance Learning, encourage as well.

In addition to the weekly challenges, every Friday, a post is put up regarding “free activities.” These free activities, I have found, are not exactly free but do not cost much, if anything. One of my favorite ideas from their blog is the idea of throwing an “ice cream social,” inviting other children and friends of the child that live in the neighborhood to come out and hang out. Such a cute idea!

So there you go! I can’t wait for the website to launch so I can see how successful it is going to be. Remember, no amount of overtime will equate to the amount of time you spend with your child. The price of investing time in your children is far beyond what you could deem priceless.


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