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Soka University of America is a university that is located in Aliso Viejo, California. The university focuses its education into creating educated individuals that are world citizens in consciousness, ethic, and morality. The university is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Class sizes are small, with a student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1 making education focused and opportune for every student that comes through the university. What is unique about the college is that the cost of study abroad is included in the cost of tuition. This is because every student spends at least a semester abroad living in another culture. This has been known to not only enhance a student’s education experience, but also widen their perspective and make them more eclectic in their studies and reason.

It may be due to the university’s emphasis on global learning that is ironically preventing it from offering distance learning courses. This does not mean that distance learning isn’t a possibility, but rather that organizing its style of education into a web format will take time. All colleges and universities will eventually offer distance learning.

Soka University of America offers one of four bachelor’s degrees. These are the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and the Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences. The university is much more general with its curricula with the hopes of creating a more well-rounded, general array of studies.

The Core Curriculum deserves particular attention in that it has been refined over the entire life of the college. This is where the ideals of global knowledge and concepts of the human condition come to fruition.  Students are taken through a selection of liberal arts studies to rouse the conscious principles that SUA upholds.

There is no part-time study choice available at Soka University. Instead, students are automatically grouped as learning full-time each year. An advantage of this is that a student can engage in accelerated study without having to pay overage. Thusly, any density of study comes at the flat cost of $23,434 per year. The same cost applies to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Another hallmark of Soka University is its efforts to remove the financial burden of higher education. This is mostly achieved by giving 89% of the student body direct grants to lower their net tuition. The average amount awarded is $12,413.

This leaves just under half of the student body to take out student loans. Usually, a given student won’t have to take out more than $6,000 at a time. 26% of the students at Soka University are receiving financial aid from federal sources, also in the form of a grant. The same can be said for state aid and local aid sources. As a general overview, financial aid is plentiful and is widely awarded to students who need it.

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