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Sonoma State University is a public university that is a member of the California State University System and is located in Rohnert Park, California. Sonoma State University offers a public alternative to expensive private colleges, but the term “alternative” doesn’t do it much justice. Rather, the university is a large, copious selection of academics that houses almost 9,000 students in any given year.

As a member of the California State University System, Sonoma State University charges neither part-time nor full-time rates. Instead, anyone who wishes to enroll pays the flat rate of $4,272 per year regardless of how many credits they take a semester. This is true provided that student is a member of the state and an undergraduate.

For graduates, that rate increases to $4,980 per year. For out of state students, the full-time rate per year is $10,170. This is applicable whether the student is an undergraduate or a graduate student. Per credit hour, that same cost is divided into $339, for part-time study.

Sonoma State University makes use of a range of technologies in order to provide distance learning. The advantage of this is that these technologies can be adapted to fit the individual needs of the student. Thusly, there are no specific distance learning programs, but rather the option to take one, a few, even all of one’s classes online.

This means that, of the many majors and courses that are available for the taking, a student can simply point to the class they want and have it delivered to them using a variety of methods. One of the methods (and one of the most popular) is videoconferencing. This technique sets up a two way broadcasting session between the student and the professor to conduct learning.

Using videoconferencing, a student can chat one on one with their instructor to conduct learning in a flexible, personalized format. There is also the option of watching televised lectures, which can take the extra organization out of learning and simplify the process down to merely turning on the television. There are other options, but these are the two most popular.

The price of attending this college is more than reasonable and is relatively easy to finance. Nevertheless, Sonoma State University offers a breadth of financial aid to students that don’t have sufficient means to pay for their tuition costs. 20% of students on campus receive financial aid from the state university itself in the form of grants.

These grants are usually in excess of $3,000 and are awarded on the basis of academic merit, as well as partially on a need basis. Only 32% of the student body makes use of student loans, as the rates are very affordable. Overall, for distance learners and on-campus students alike, Sonoma State University is a solid, inexpensive option for education.

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