South Carolina State University Distance Learning

South Carolina State University is a university that is pre-dominantly African American and is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. South Carolina State University is only land-grant university in America that is historically black. Students at SCSU have gone on to be leaders in medicine, science, engineering, military, and government.

South Carolina State University makes use of a variety of technologies to give students a chance to learn at a distance. Distance learning courses are offered as a general alternative to taking courses on campus. There is no specific degree program for this style of learning, merely a growing selection of courses that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some are non-credit, for continuing education purposes. Many are credit courses that can be put toward a degree or certificate.

Students can take courses online in a standard format, using a common online classroom software called Blackboard. These courses are asynchronous and are delivered much the same way as on campus courses are, with the exception of having open lesson timelines. This isn’t the only way to recieve one’s distance education, however.

South Carolina State University also makes use of videoconferencing. This is an excellent way to get one on one with a professor and learn at your own pace. It is also a great way to extend the intimacy of in-person learning over an indefinite distance. Videoconferencing is scheduled according to each student’s needs.

There are also televised courses. A simple call to the state university will broadcast lessons right to your television set. From there, you can learn about your topic of choice as you would watch a science channel or a documentary. In the space age, many students prefer to learn this way, as multimedia is much easier to comprehend.

Tuition is well within the average student’s affordability range. A student that resides within the state of carolina will pay $4,164 per semester, regardless of the amount of credit hours they have taken up for that period of time. Distance learners within the state of South Carolina benefit from these low rates.

Most likely, however, a distance learner resides somewhere else in the United States, and would fall under the out-of-state bracket. Out-of-state students pay $8,450 per semester, following the same conditions. These rates are the same whether the student is undergraduate or graduate.

77% of students at the college receive federal grants, and usually in excess of $2,000 a piece. All students complete an application for FAFSA before starting the school year. South Carolina State University allots grants and awards to 43% of its students, with the average payout being $4,433. Some students receive a few thousand dollars to put towards their education. Other students have received their full tuition costs in grants. This leaves 88% of the student body to take out students loans, with the amount taken out per school year never exceeding $4,000.

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