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South Texas College of Law is a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, endorsed by the Association of American Law Schools, and is situated in Houston, Texas. U.S. News & World Reporrt has ranked one of STCL’s programs, the Trail Advocacy Program, #1 in the United States. The college of law has also won the national mock trial competition held by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

South Texas College of Law offers online seminars as a part of its Continuing Legal Education program. These seminars are aimed at professionals, like attorneys, that want to hone their skills or perhaps even freshen up in a few places. Online seminars are provided in a few different formats, mainly videos, and cover a variety of topics. Some seminar titles include Energy Law Institute: Emerging and “Hard Times” Issues, Family Law Conference: Trail Tips and Techniques, Texas Insurance Law Symposium: Traditional Issues, and many more not listed here. These are held at scheduled intervals that take place during non-traditional times making it easier for busy professionals to access the seminars. Seminars are provided by, which is a quality company devoted to the purpose of delivering online continuing education. This programming is reserved for members of the State Bar.

The usual topics of these seminars cover Wills & Probate, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Personal Injury, although there has been some variations. Aside from these seminars, there are no other distance learning resources available. There may be some distance learning courses or programs available in the future but, for now, the college is focusing its efforts in online continuing education. South Texas College of Law understands that financing a legal education can overwhelm some students. That is why the college staffs a group of financial aid specialists to help each student with their monetary troubles. This allows students to access a variety of programs and services in order to create a financial plan that suits them best.

Students can apply for first-year financial aid sources that can help lower their initial costs in education. There are also aid sources designed to help continuing education students with their costs. Special Circumstances and Tuition Equalization grants are also available for the taking. The amount of financial aid received and the percentage of students that receive this financial aid is not known. What is known is that each student receives at least some financial aid contribution for their studies. Tuition follows two rates, part-time and full-time. The full-time rate applies if the student is taking 12 or more credit hours per semester, otherwise the student is enrolled part-time.

The total cost of a full-time education is $13,170 per semester. For part-time education, that rate drops to $8,880 per semester. There are various financing options available. South Texas College of Law is undoubtedly a quality college. Enrolling in its main education programs for a Juris Doctor or a Master of Law would require a trip to campus. For practicing lawyers and attorneys, one can continue their education with the click of a mouse.

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