Southeast Oklahoma State University Distance Learning

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is a public university that is located in Durant, Oklahoma. SOSU offers distance learning through online courses and degree programs under its Electronic Campus program. There are plenty of courses to choose from which can be applied to a variety of purposes and majors.

Some online course titles include Issues in Aesthetics & Criticism, Business Computer Applications, Computer Information Systems, Advanced Production Software, Introduction to United States Corrections, Law & the Legal System, Composition I, Fundamentals of Curricular Development, and Organization & Administration. You can see that the selection of courses is wide and spreads literally over 100 different selections and choices.

Topics that are covered with online courses include, Art, Business Administration, Biology, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Health & Physical Education, Humanities, and many more topics not listed here. Online courses are generally recommended for students that can take control of their own schedule and meet their deadlines without continual guidance.

With that said, the online experience is much like that of the classroom. As an experienced operator of distance learning, Southeast Oklahoma State University carefully monitors the quality of their classes to ensure that the education process is as smooth and effective as possible. In addition, many students have earned their degrees online from the university and, thusly, online degrees earned from the university are treated with the same authority as degrees earned on campus.

Instructors remain very accessible, as distance learning courses require extra attention from the instructors to ensure that the students are comprehending the material. It is also easier to conduct online learning, as all of the course materials are posted online and coursework is posted in the same manner. In addition, students can call, chat, or conference with their instructors should further issues arise. In short, distance learners have nothing to worry about when pursuing their education online.

Tuition is dependent upon the student’s status of residency; if the student lives outside of the state, their rates will be higher as they don’t fall under the benefits of the state university system. In-state undergraduates pay $3,639 per year when enrolling full-time and $121 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. In-state graduates pay $2,770 per year full-time and $154 per credit hour part-time.

If you are a distance learner, chances are you will be living outside of the state, although some distance learners do live with in the state and are best advised to take advantage of the lowered rates. Out-of-state undergraduates pay $10,010 per year when enrolling full-time and $334 per credit hour, if they are taking classes part-time. Out-of-state graduates pay $7,307 per year full-time and $406 per credit hour part-time. In either case, in-state or out-of-state, students do not have to pay much for higher education.

Financial aid is available for application through FAFSA, as each student is required to fill out a form for federal grants. There are also scholarships, grants, and awards available for the taking for eligible students. 30% of the student body receives grants and awards directly from the university itself. The average amount received per student per year is $1,435.

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