Southeastern Louisiana University Distance Learning

Southeastern Louisiana University is a public university that is located in Hammond, Louisiana. Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to providing a wide array of opportunities that are both diverse and effective in nature. With over 15,000 students called SELU home in any given year, the university is a large and growing platform for students to achieve their goals.

Southeastern Louisiana University does technically offer distance learning, but, by distance learning the university means that it offers classes at different locations other than the campus itself. This does not mean, however, that the university is offering courses online, as distance learning would usually imply. Learning over the web will become available in the future, as the university has announced plans to expand to an online format.

A notable feature of the university is that it offers undergraduate research programs in many different departments. What this allows a student to do is engage in an immersive environment where they work with faculty to research their passions in one of the university’s facilities. This is also an excellent opportunity for students to forward their likelihood of acception into various graduate schools. One research program is called the Preferred Research Options For Intensive Training, or PROFIT, which is a research program that delves into the topics of Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Management, etc. Here students collect data supporting a research proposition and present their findings in a presentation at the end of the program. There are also research programs available in Education, Nursing, Health Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

There are also alternative means of earning credits at the university that allow a student to get ahead in their studies. One way of doing this is earning credits while in high school which allows the student to avoid repeating the same general education requirements between high school and college. Another way is to apply one’s skills in an evaluation test that can decide whether or not they have achieved the equivalent knowledge of the credits in question or not. There is also an Honors Program at the college. Smaller class sizes of dedicated students and top professors at the college meet together to engage in intensive learning. This program is an excellent opportunity to earn their way into graduate and professional schools with the added credential of an Honors Diploma.

Tuition rates are dependent upon whether or not the student is a resident of Louisiana. In-state undergraduates pay $2,376 per semester for full-time study, or $155 per credit hour for part-time study. In-state graduates pay the same full-time rate with the credit hours increasing in price to $193. Out-of-state students pay $8,376 per year full-time and $405 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state graduate students pay $6,876 per year full-time and $443 per credit hour, if they decide to enroll part-time. Overall, the university provides an affordable alternative to expensive private schools, whether the student lives in Louisiana or not.

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