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Southeastern University is a Christian university offering undergraduate and graduate education opportunities. Southeastern University is located in Lakeland, Florida. Southeastern University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is affiliated with Assemblies of God USA.

Students at Southeastern University have a chance to pursue higher education while gaining a closer relationship with God. The motto of the university is “Be strong. Be good. Be salt.” This has served as the mantra under which thousands of students gain their strength to study and tackle the world of tomorrow.

Southeastern University offers a series of online programs for undergraduate and graduate-level study. For graduates, there are six degree programs: the Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership, the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Arts in Human Services, the Master of Education in Elementary Education, the Master of Education in Educational Leadership, and the Master of Education in Teaching and Learning. Either of these two programs can be completed in under two years with part-time enrollment, or even in one year, with full-time commitment. In either case, advisers are paired with each student to ensure their success.

For undergraduates, there are five online programs. These programs can be completed online, or they can be completed in a hybrid format. Some students want to spend their last classes on campus so that they can still experience college in its traditional format, while not having to pay for traditional courses and transportation over the entire program. Online undergraduate programs are available in Criminal Justice, Human Services, Practical Theology with a Selected Minor, Elementary Education, and Leadership.

There are general fees associated with learning at Southeastern University, and these are split up according to use. Per credit hour, the basic tuition fee is $375. There is also a general student fee of $150. One can also audit credt hours and opt out of taking credits over again with an exam. Per credit hour, the cost of this option is $187.50. There are also lab fees which range from $35 to $175.

Generally speaking, at Southeastern University, financial aid is not hard to come by. Right off the bat, 52% of the student body receives financial aid directly from the university itself. This is usually distributed in the form of merit-based academic awards and scholarships, but religious and philanthropic scholarships are also awarded on an eligibility basis.

The average amount received by each student is $2,001. Federal grants are also awarded to students for their tuition. These grants reach 26% of the student body and are usually in excess of $2,000 per student. State and local grants combine to supply 52% of the student body with an average of $4,219 per student per year.

For a quality, Christian education, students need look no further than Southeastern University. Lakeland students can benefit greatly from a Christian education and have gone on to graduate schools with high rates of success. For this reason, Southeastern University has been commended for its educational quality and will continue to grow in the coming years. Distance learners have plenty to choose from and will have plenty more in the future.


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