Southern Oregon University Distance Learning

Southern Oregon University is a public college of the liberal arts that is located in Ashland, Oregon. Southern Oregon University offers a series of distance education programs that lead to the conferral of a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, an endorsement, or a licensure. The university has had experience in delivering successful distance learning programs, which means time has tempered the process to become a smooth, credible alternative to on-campus study.

There are four bachelor’s degrees available. Classes are taken online to substitute for classes that would traditionally have to be taken on-campus to fulfill the requirements of these degrees. Once these courses have been completed, and the required credits have been filled, the student can apply for graduation and earn their degree. It’s simply the same path as any other collegiate education would take, only the coursework and the course material are communicated 100% online.

The four bachelor’s degrees are the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development. The B.S. in Business Administration comes with optional foci in Management, Public Accounting and Management Accounting, and Management of Aging Services.

There are also post-baccalaureate certificates available to build upon the B.S. These are the Certificate in Management of Human Resources, the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting, and the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Management of Aging Services. There are also three master’s degrees: the Master in Education, the Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education, and the Master in Theatre Education with an emphasis in Production & Design. The Master in Education comes with the optional route for obtaining a Teaching License.

There are also certificate programs for Non-profit Management, Special Education, Accounting, and English for Speakers of Other Languages. One can also earn a certificate to enter the ReadOregon program. This program is a statewide and state-sponsored outreach for literacy in the state. Through this program, one can earn a Reading Specialist Endorsement, and a Literacy Education Certificate.

As Southern Oregon University is publicly funded, tuition naturally varies depending on whether or not a given student is a resident of Oregon. Resident undergraduates will pay $4,326 per year for full-time study, or $113 per credit hour for part-time study. Resident graduates will pay $9,777 per year if they are enrolled full-time, or $316 per credit hour if they are enrolled part-time.

If you are a distance learner, chances are you do not live in the state of Oregon. However, some students that can’t make the commute to SOU from within the state can take advantage of distance learning at the lowered resident-applicable rates. Non-resident undergraduates pay $16,872 per year for full-time study or $113 per credit hour. Graduates pay a nearly identical yearly rate of $16,932 per year full-time, but will have to pay $316 per credit hour part-time.

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