Southern Polytechnic State University Distance Learning

Southern Polytechnic State University is a publicly-funded college in Marietta, Georgia that is a part of the University System of Georgia. Southern Polytechnic State University focuses its efforts in Engineering, Technology, Computer Science, and the Sciences. The university also features a wide-ranging distance learning platform as well. At Southern Polytechnic State University, a student can earn their bachelor’s or master’s degrees completely online. There are bachelor’s degrees, bachelor’s certificates, master’s degrees, and master’s certificates. These all span a dizzying array of subjects, leaving a strong array of degrees at the core of the selection, with a flexible set of certificates to supplement.

At the undergraduate level, there are five degrees offered: the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology, the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Manufacturing Operations, and the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Logistics. You’ll notice that all of these science degrees pertain to particular aspects of modern industry and are thusly very pertinent and in demand. A certificate can be earned in Technical Communication or Specialty Construction.

Graduates have six main degrees to choose from, with several optional minors and attachable concentrations. Available graduate degrees include the Master of Science in Information Technology, the Master of Science in Information Design & Communication, the Master of Science in Systems Engineering, the Master of Science in Quality Assurance, the Master of Science in Business Administration, and the Master of Science in Accounting. These masters degrees serve as an excellent upper echelon of management, technical oversight, and business-related matters.

There are more certificates than could possibly be listed here. Some certificates include, but are not limited to a Graduate Transition Certificate for a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology, a Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering, and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Communications Management. Following the trend, there are many certificates that span the range of Business, Industry, and Science. These certificates are designed to specify one’s qualifications towards a particular vocation, giving one headway into a promising career.

Georgia state education aid programs are the leading contributor of financial aid to this particular university. Distance learners may not have access to this aid nor lowered tuition rates if they are non-residents, although some cases have allowed for his. 64% of the student body receives state grants and usually in excess of $3,000.

4% of the student body receives financial aid directly from the university itself. This could be due to the fact that most of the students receive state or federal aid and can take care of their own tuition costs. The average amount received by this small percentage is $2,596 and is awarded on the bases of need and academic merit. Per year of full-time study, a student benefiting from in-state tuition rates will only have to pay about $3,000.

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