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Southern University at New Orleans is a historically African-American university that is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. SUNO is a part of the Southern University System. Historically, the university has served as a platform of opportunity through higher education for the region. Now, the university is offering distance education for students across the United States.

Generally speaking, Southern University collaborates with its neighbors to provide more opportunities to more students. In addition, the entirety of the Southern University System is developing a distance learning program. The program is operational, with a few online courses that can be taken in lieu of on-campus courses. Despite this, the whole system is expanding and will soon be offering fully online degree programs.

Online courses are offered not as an appendage of the campus itself, but through the Southern University System itself. Thusly, a student can take online courses that are conducted by the regional staff, but can also access the online courses of other campuses. The beauty of this current patchwork is that a student can take classes from other campuses with no compatibility issues. Technically, this means a student can take online classes from all of the schools, since distance learning is non-discriminate to a student’s location. In the future, the Southern University System will offer distance learning courses and degrees from a linked SUS network.

For now, students have a selection of online courses to choose from. These courses are currently somewhat limited in number and variety, but are expanding literally by the semester. Online course titles presently include some of the following: Introduction to Biology, Principles of Finance, Economic Principles, Children With Special Needs, Criminal Justice System, Introduction to Management Information Systems, and Mathematics. There are far more than is listed here, but this list covers some of the variety.

A student can use these credits to put toward a particular degree if they so choose. Chances are that most, if not all, of their credit needs will be expanded upon online prior to graduation. The selection naturally covers a few subjects, with focused areas. So far the areas of study that have received the most online support are Management Information Systems, History, and Social Work. Social Work is highly emphasized at the university, so seeing its premier in the form of an online bachelor’s or master’s degree wouldn’t be surprising.

Tuition rates are extremely low, even for students that don’t fall under the resident tuition brackets. That is to say, even out-of-state undergraduate students, who don’t benefit from lowered rates will pay only $5,632 per year for full-time study, or $330 per credit hour for part-time study. In-state undergraduate students pay only $1,894 per year for full-time study, making Southern University’s rates among some of the lowest in the country, annually. In-state students still pay $330 per credit hour, however. Graduate students, regardless of residency, pay $2,714 per year.

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  1. Linda Bellard says:

    I would like more information on online classes . I attended Suno before. I attended Dillard University prior to Hurricane Katrina . Presently doing online classes at Grand Canyon University. Looking to transfer to a University that will offer acceptance of Credits with less fees per credit hour. I would like to be contacted as soon as possible.

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