Southern University at Shreveport Distance Learning

Southern University at Shreveport is university that is a member of the Southern University System and is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Southern University System is a historically African-American network of colleges and universities that collaborate to offer more opportunities to each of their respective regions. This does not exclude distance learning.

Currently, the Southern University System as a whole is developing a distance learning program that can be offered through its New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport locations. The individual schools are lining their faculty up to develop online courses in a large enough selection to support distance learning degree programs. These online degrees are a confirmed goal of the universities, and are on their way soon.

This does not mean that distance learning is unavailable. In fact, students can enroll in online courses this semester. The selection varies from location to location. Shreveport has a narrow, but quality selection to help busy students reduce their time spent on campus. Consequently, on-campus students are creating a higher demand for web-based courses and, soon, 100% distance learning will become a reality.

The present selection of online courses speckles a variety of subjects, making it very likely that a student of any major can find some of their courses online. The main focus of online courses is in Speech-related Studies, Mathematics, and English. Some course titles include, but are not limited to General Biology Lectures, English Fundamentals, Introduction to Computer Concepts, Introduction to Literature, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, and Principles of Supervision. These courses only name a few, but reflect the present variety, generally.

As of 2011, Southern University at Shreveport serves as a junior college for the regional four-year and graduate institutions. Students mostly earn their associate degrees and go on to complete their four-year studies at Louisiana State University at Shreveport. This is not stopping SUS from developing four-year programs and, sure enough, the university is developing four-year programs of its own. For the time being, students have numerous associate degrees to choose from.

Tuition rates vary based upon the students residency or non-residency of Louisiana. Most distance learners will fall under the non-resident bracket, living outside of the state. For these students, tuition is $2,640 per year, assuming full-time enrollment. In the case of part-time enrollment, credit hours come at the low cost of $141 a piece.

Some distance learners may live within the state of Louisiana and would do well to take advantage of the lowered resident-applicable rates. In-state students pay $1,540 per year for full-time study. Part-time students pay $94 per credit hour, until they reach 12 credit hours per semester total.

80% of the students attending Southern University at Shreveport receive federal grants to aid the funding process. FAFSA grants access to federal non-repayable aid and is given to each student for application. The university itself lends an average of $1,621 per year to 8% of its student body. These students receive these awards based on academic merit and need.

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