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Southern Utah University is a public university that is located in Cedar City, Utah. One of SUU’s points of pride is their Utah Summer Games and Utah Shakespearean Festival (winner of the Tony Award), two widely-known and watched events in the region and state. Southern Utah University is accredited by several institutions, like the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, for its various programs.

Southern Utah University is offering distance learning in a straightforward format to students that can’t make the commute to campus. Classes that can’t be taken on campus can simply be taken online. There is a wide selection of courses that a student can take advantage of. This means that there are presently no undergraduate online degree programs, but rather, degrees that can be earned by entirely substituting courses with their online alternatives.

Course delivery is standard. The university makes use of Blackboard to deliver courses, conduct discussion between the students and faculty, and to create a platform for notes, slides, and coursework to be exchanged. Students simply log into their Blackboard account and select from their registered courses to engage in their online classroom environment. From there, it is the instructor’s decision as to how deadlines and class is conducted.

Five undergraduate online degrees, like the Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal, are coming soon. Graduate online degrees are currently offered. There are four master’s degrees: the Master of Education, the Master of Science in Sports Conditioning, the Master of Science in Communications, and the Master of Science in Accounting. Earning one of these degrees is a process that is as simple as compiling a list of certain credits followed by graduating.

Southern Utah University makes no financial distinction between courses taken online and courses taken on campus. When an undergraduate student exhibits a courseload of 1 to 9 credit hours per semester, the cost is $349 to $2,109 per semester, respectively. Full-time enrollment is defined as 10 to 18 credits per semester and goes by the flat rate of $2,329 per semester. Beyond that, additional credit hours are stacked on to the flat rate at $120 per credit hour. These rates apply to residents of the state of Utah.

Non-residents fall under the same cutoffs of part-time, full-time, and additional credit hours, only the rates are more expensive. 1 to 9 credit hours per semester cost between $1,151 and $6,959 per semester, respectively. The full-time rate is 7,685 per semester. Beyond that, additional credit hours are $726 each.

In addition, one can fill out most of the requirements of general education credits online. There are courses for English, Quantitative Literacy, Information Literacy, Computer Literacy, American Institutions, Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. The only missing category is Student Success courses. This selection allows a student to complete most of their requirements for an Associate of Arts online.

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