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Southern Vermont College is a baccalaureate college of the liberal arts located in Bennington, Vermont. SVC creates a personalized learning environment for each student and builds upon the personal experience to instill knowledge and values that help them well beyond the student’s collegiate life. Liberal arts colleges like these are highly sought after for their innovative and critical approach to learning.

Southern Vermont College features a broad array of studies to choose from. These studies span the liberal arts, sciences, and pre-professional programs to create a solid array of learning potential. The college is mostly a four-year institution, but there are some graduate degrees available.

Distance learning is a possibility due to the college’s selection of online courses. Online courses are very large and wide in selection, allowing students to take one, some, or all of their classes online. It’s as simple as that. There are no explicit online degree offerings, only the degree possibilities covered by the expansive array of classes.

For such a quality college, the price is not very high. For full-time study or, as defined by Southern Vermont College, 12 credit hours or more, a year of tuition costs $17,960. For part-time study, the cost is linearly calculated at $610 per credit hour. There are no other significant amounts that are required, short of peripheral student fees, which are negligible.

In addition to the 16 bachelor’s degrees and 6 associate degrees, there are specialized programs that really set the college apart. One of them is the Individualized Degree Program, where students with special academic plans can create their own academic plan. This leads to the conferral of a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in their chosen major, if they decide to declare one.

There is also a program called Build the Enterprise. This program is aimed at Organizational, Business, and Entrepreneurial students that want to apply their classroom experience to a real world project. Students can group together to start a business or organization with the support of a $100,000 venture fund. They can continue or sell the business, provided they repay the venture fund over a period of time.

Financial aid is also made available to lighten the load of yearly tuition costs. Southern Vermont College allots grants and awards to 86% of the student body, thus effectively lowering the net amount paid significantly. The average amount given to these recipients is $6,680 per year.

If you don’t fall under qualifications for institutional grants like these, chances are you’ll receive a state and/or federal contribution adding up to an equivalent amount. 37% of the student body receives federal grants to aid their studies. Vermont itself supplies 32% of the student body with grant aid. In total, 86% of the student body receives financial contributions in some form, from some source, and to some degree, usually in amounts exceeding a total of $3,000 per year. Financing a Southern Vermont College education is not out of reach for many.

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