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Southern Wesleyan University is a Christian university comprised of a four-year institution with some graduate programming. Southern Wesleyan University is located in Central, South Carolina. This university combines Christian perspective with the liberal arts to create a well-rounded education that will guide students through their lifetimes, not just their college career.

Distance learning is not currently offered at Southern Wesleyan University, although it may become available soon. What keeps Southern Wesleyan from offering distance learning is most likely the university’s focus towards providing a quality experience for its students on campus. Despite this, many religious colleges and universities across the country have offered distance learning through online courses and degree programs.

Between the School of Education, the School of Business, and the College of Arts and Science, there are 32 areas of concentration to choose from. The university is small, enrolling under 1,000 students in any given year. Because of this, students have access to a broad array of studies all housed within a personalized, intimate learning environment.

Education at Southern Wesleyan University is a different experience than most colleges. Southern Wesleyan takes the approach of inspiring students to learn further, rather than pushing them ahead with expectations. The university believes that college should “ignite the senses”, which describes the optimal collegiate experience – one in which students can unite passion with intellect.

SWU constructs its curriculum around the fostering of social, physical, spiritual, and emotional wholeness. This concept is referred to as the Personal Wholeness program. The program integrates products of learning with the various aspects of the student. The program purports that one’s sense of wholeness cannot be completely satisfied with academics, that wholeness occurs over a lifetime, that wholeness combines physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual aspects, and that critical thinking is necessary to become a positive contributor to society.

Tuition, given SWU’s center in the liberal arts, is not terribly expensive. $17,500 per year is the typical cost of a full-time education, for undergraduate students. The term full-time, as defined by Southern Wesleyan University, means that a student is taking 12 or more credit hours per semester. Part-time undergraduates pay $725 per credit hour for their studies.

For graduates, there is no part-time tuition rate, only a flat cost per year. Graduate students pay $8,295 for their studies. There is also a collective amount in fees that totals $1,470 per year. There will be a part-time graduate rate in the future. For now the university is directing as much traffic as possible to stimulate the growth of its graduate resources. Graduate studies will likely be the first to be offered in a distance learning format.

95% of students at Southern Wesleyan University receive financial aid in the form of a grant directly from the university itself. The average amount received per student is $6,904 per year. That, combined with contributions from other sources, makes Southern Wesleyan University a very affordable choice in quality education.

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