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Southwest Baptist University is a higher education institution that shares affiliations with the Missouri Baptist Convention. The university has locations in Mountain View, Bolivar, Springfield, and Salem, Missouri. Students at SBU develop a closer relationship with their faith and their academics, all the while discovering their calling and moving toward it.

Southwest Baptist University offers distance learning in a straightforward format that distance learners can easily take advantage of. For any given degree, certificate, or academic program, a student can take one, some, or all of their courses online. Thus, earning a degree in a particular major is as simple as replacing all of the required courses with online courses. In seldom cases, students may have to endure a brief residency to complete their studies.

There is a large selection of courses to choose from. For any given student, odds are that their major or minor can be completely covered with the help of online resources. In some cases, students won’t have all of their needs answered with online courses. In this case, especially if the student is a distance learner, a student can still take advantage of having a reduced residency in their schedule. This is good for cases when 100% distance learning isn’t available.

Online courses span the range of English, Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, and other essential courses needed to earn most degrees. This selection provides a good way to remove general education credits from precious time spent on campus. Students that don’t have the resources to stay on campus can especially take advantage of this. It is also possible to earn an Associate of Arts degree from the collective general education credits earned. From there, a student may pursue their bachelor’s at Southwest Baptist, or another institution.

Graduate students pay an especially low price for tuition. This has, in turn, attracted academia from afar to study, research, intern, and even teach at the university. This has caused SBU to become more cosmopolitan in its graduate studies and graduate programs will see continued rapid growth. For a full-time year of study, a graduate student pays only $3,330 per year. Per credit hour, that cost is $185, assuming part-time enrollment.

Undergraduate students pay $15,000 per year, assuming they take more than 12 credit hours per semester. Per credit hour, that price is $580. These prices are mostly theoretical, as only a fraction of 1 percent of SBU students pay the full price of an SBU education. 99% of the student body receives financial aid from some source, in some form, and to some degree.

The university itself allots direct grant aid to 84% of its students in order to help curb the cost of higher education. This combined with federal, state, local, and external grants lowers a typical undergraduate student’s net tuition costs to beneath $10,000 – often well beneath. 61% of the student body receives federal grants each year and 39% of the student body receives state grants, annually.

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